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Health and wellness logo trends

The most impactful health and wellness brands are those that inspire and empower. In 2024 there are no shortage of cafes, health food stores, day spas, yoga centers, gyms and treatment centers dedicated to health and wellness. To make an impact, it helps to ride the wave of the latest branding trends allowing other inspiring health and wellness companies to do the heavy lifting for you.

Common themes in health and wellness logos

generic yoga logo

Generic yoga logo. Via Compassion in Action.

In an industry where physicality and first impressions matter, health and wellness logo designs must represent your brand values and goals, be it to help people achieve a certain body type, to treat a health condition or to find inner peace.

As with all industries, there are some go-to images and symbols that business have used to evoke feelings of wellbeing:

  • Leaves and trees to symbolize growth.
  • Apples, both green and red, for health education or nutritionists.
  • Lotus flowers for yoga studios or health coaches.
  • Hands, to promote connection and safety.
  • Mountains, for adventure seekers and fitness brands.

While using these images can help someone easily identify what you do, many people will have thought to use similar images in their branding. If you don’t want your logo to be generic, make sure you have a unique take before using a tree or lotus flower in your health and wellness logo.

Yoga studio logos

Woman yoga

Health and wellness lovers are often trendsetters themselves. Via Dominic Wycislo.

When it comes to yoga studios, most brand designers or studio owners (if they’re DIY-ing) are drawn to a beautiful, open lotus flower, a common Buddhist symbol for fortune.

However, as wellness brands have focused more on the tangible benefits of their products and services, yoga studios have embraced mindfulness, adventure and simplicity in their logo designs. Uppercase sans serif fonts with wide spacing appear under new symbols of mountains, thin lines in the shape of triangles, mandalas and even birds.

Logo design for yoga studio

Logo design for a Yoga center by Daria V. for grusky55 via 99designs by Vista.

Logo design for Women’s Yoga Apparel Company

Logo for Women’s Yoga Apparel Company by tihadesign for Microseeka via 99designs by Vista.

Logos for women-led health businesses

With women at the forefront of much of the wellness industry, branding is often decidedly feminine. From yoga studios to skincare brands, fitness apparel to spiritual centers, businesses aimed at creating women-only spaces have a more heart-centered approach to branding. In fact, hearts are a common symbol for female business. Thankfully, there are many ways to replicate the design of a heart shape to make it your own.

Logos for your own wellness business

Personal branding has become a phenomenon of the last few decades. Doctors, psychologists and health experts are rebranding as solopreneurs and freelancers to reimagine the way they work with patients and clients. Sleek, bold branding works well for the credibility of medical health professionals, while health and life coaches opt for fun, unique designs with bright colors that showcase their personality and approach to their coaching businesses.

The medical-to-wellness rebrand

Doctors, dentists and chiropractors are scary, right? They all have that same old smell, and the exorbitant waiting times only give you more time to imagine all the pain you’re about to experience. One way medical professionals have countered this feeling is by rebranding their services. Instead of a headache and a trashy magazine, you’re greeted with green tea and soothing tunes.

Orthodontist logo design

Logo design by artsigma via 99designs by Vista.

Orthodonist logo design

Brand Identity for Emerson Orthodontics by :: scott :: via 99designs by Vista.

Create your unique wellness logo

If you’re looking to add more pizazz to your wellness brand (while remaining on trend), follow these simple steps to create a logo that will represent health and vitality:

Move away from traditional wellness branding colors

Instead of bright greens and harsh reds, use a more neutral or minimalist palette or an unexpected color such as purple or yellow for your logo design. Try light blues, gold and silver highlights, or earthy tones.

Earth tones holistic logo design

Logo design for holistic products by mm graphics for mountainprana via 99designs by Vista.

Go circular

If you haven’t already, try moving your current logo from a horizontal format to within a circle. You can wrap the text in or around the circle and place any brand imagery in the center.

Circular health logo design

Minimal circular health logo design by RotRed via 99designs by Vista.

Play around with shapes and minimalism

Geometric shapes and black and white color palettes are not just trends in the fashion industry. Simplicity is key in many health and wellness logos, and this can easily be replicated by experimenting with new symbols and shapes with black, all-lowercase text.

Minimalist yoga logo design

Yoga logo design by ARTFEEL for darla M via 99designs by Vista.

Get colorful (and whimsical)

Watercolor and hand lettering are fun, whimsical alternatives. Many designers have multifaceted skills, and can turn your design ideas from a watercolor painting or custom lettering into a digital design in no time.

Hand lettering health expert logo design

Logo for Natural Health Expert by Savanamm via 99designs by Vista.

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Author: Amie Hamling