How to Pick the Right Stamp for Your Logo

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Putting your logo front and center with professional branding can set your business apart from competitors and leave a lasting impression on your customers. Most business owners and entrepreneurs want to leave a well-designed mark. Still, branded packaging, business cards, and other products may not always be the most obvious choice for small businesses.

Instead of adding several custom branding expenses or feeling limited in what you can create, consider a logo stamp. Startups and established companies alike can use custom logo stamps for branding documents, packaging, and much more. Easily convert your brand into a logo stamp for all your office and marketing tasks. If you’re ready to take your branding to the next level, find out how to make custom stamps that best fit your business needs.

Benefits and Uses of Custom Logo Stamps

Custom logo stamps offer many benefits to businesses beyond just looking nice on paper. A logo stamp can help you build a cohesive brand and bring all your marketing materials together. Stamps help streamline your business, whether you’re filing paperwork in the office or packaging products for shipment. Smaller businesses and professional offices can especially benefit from logo stamps because they can create a polished, professional image without adding significant expenses. 

Those who can benefit from custom logo stamps include small businesses and individual entrepreneurs:

  • Doctor’s offices and lawyer’s offices
  • Therapists, financial advisors, and other service professionals
  • Online small businesses and entrepreneurs
  • Small business shops 
  • Restaurants, breweries, and coffee shops
  • Brand ambassadors
  • Gamers
  • Social media influencers

Logo Stamp Uses

Custom logo stamps also make great tools for smaller businesses and entrepreneurs. For those selling goods, a stamp can help you brand everything from receipts to shopping bags. Ship products to customers in professional and cohesive packaging without all the headaches of custom-ordering each material. Gamers, brand ambassadors, and influencers can easily use a logo stamp for business cards, social media handles, or promotional materials.

Businesses and entrepreneurs can use a custom logo stamp to brand:

  • Invoices
  • Official documents
  • Internal memos
  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Brochures
  • Promotional materials
  • Packaging materials
  • Receipts
  • Paper cups and sleeves
  • Menus, coasters, and restaurant materials
  • Posters and artwork
  • Other paper products

Different Types of Custom Stamps

Choose your perfect custom stamps. Some stamps are better for quick tasks, while others are more fit for detailed branding. Before selecting your stamp, understand which works best for your goals. 

Self-Inked Stamps

Self-inked stamps are a great everyday stamp for quick, repetitive tasks. Use this logo stamp type for tedious jobs like stamping envelopes, receipts, and other paperwork. Self-inked custom logo stamps can save you time while creating a consistent image with each use. Companies with heavy office or administrative work or businesses that handle many orders should consider this kind of stamp. Tax preparers, auto body shops, and crafters alike can benefit from adding a self-inked stamp to their collection of business tools. Our self-inking stamps are customizable with space for your logo, name, and address. Custom self-inked stamps come in different shapes, sizes, and your choice of five colors. 

Best for:

  • Streamlining work processes
  • Saving time on documents and packaging
  • Quick, repetitive tasks
  • Simple branding

Pre-Inked Stamps

Pre-inked stamps offer superior quality for crisp and intricate designs. Great for businesses wanting to brand with an artistic flair, this kind of stamp grabs the attention of potential customers. A pre-inked stamp is better for more detailed images, so consider this logo stamp for your visual branding. This is the stamp for you if you want to add a beautiful, professional brand feel to many types of materials without adding countless extra expenses. Small business shops, professional offices, entrepreneurs, restaurants, and artists all use pre-inked stamps to bring their creative visions to life. Choose from four different sizes and five ink colors. 

Best for:

  • Creating official documents, invoices, and letterhead
  • Business cards, flyers, and marketing materials
  • Professional packaging materials
  • Menus, posters, paper cups, and other paper products
  • Visual marketing
  • Detailed branding

How to Make Custom Stamps

Step 1: Choose Your Stamp

Before you customize your logo stamp, figure out which stamp will work best for your purposes. If you want a simple logo stamp for receipts or repetitive tasks, consider a self-inked stamp. A pre-inked stamp works better for more detailed branding. Choose the logo stamp you want from Vistaprint’s selection of quality stamp products.

Step 2: Pick Your Logo

Next, it’s time to select your logo. Pick your logo design from Vistaprint templates with a wide range of quality logo choices. If you select a pre-inked stamp, you’ll have to upload a design. If you don’t have the perfect logo yet, create your own using Logomaker by Vistaprint in minutes.

Step 3: Customize Your Logo Stamp

Once you have your logo, it’s time to customize your stamp. Choose your desired shape, size, ink color, and quantity of stamps on the logo stamp product page. Select your desired Vistaprint template or upload your own logo design to finish customizing.

Step 4: Finalize Your Design

Double-check your stamp and edit any text, images, and shapes until it looks perfect. You’re ready to finalize your design.

Step 5: Check Out

All that’s left to do is check out through our secure online cart and confirm your order details. Make sure your address and billing details are correct and submit. It’s that easy.

Step 6: Start Branding

Vistaprint laser-engraves your design onto your new stamp and ships it directly to your home or business. As soon as you open your new custom logo stamp, you’re ready to start branding.

Custom Stamp FAQ

What File Types Are Acceptable? 

Vistaprint accepts a wide variety of file types for custom stamps, including .jpg, .jpeg, .bmp, .png, .gif, .heic, .tif, .tiff, .pdf, .psd, .ai, .ait, .ppt, and .pptx.

What Stamp Size Is Best for My Logo? 

The best stamp size will depend on how you use your logo. Consider smaller stamps for filing and quick branding. Larger stamps are best for official branding like letterhead and products where you want to draw focus. If your logo has a lot of detail, consider a larger stamp to ensure your image is clear when stamped. Keep font size for your stamps above 8pts.

How Can I Use My New Logo Stamp Most Effectively? 

To get the most use out of your stamp with the clearest image:

  • Practice pressing your logo on scrap paper to get a feel for the stamping process.
  • Hold the stamp down firmly and evenly with each use.
  • Ensure your stamp is stored correctly between uses to keep the ink fresh.
  • Let stamps (especially pre-inked stamps) sit between uses for the ink to soak the stamp correctly.

What Things Should I Know When Designing My Logo? 

When designing your logo for your custom stamp, keep the following in mind:

  • Your image may look different when stamped on your product, so consider how your finished product will look.
  • More detailed logos show up better with larger, pre-inked stamps, and simpler logos work better with small stamps.
  • Consider how you’ll use your logo when deciding your design’s shape, size, and color. 
  • Decide what colors work best for your stamped products and how they’ll appear against a background.

Customize your stamp and watch your brand come to life. A custom logo stamp is a quick and easy solution to upgrading your branding without a huge marketing budget, leaving you more time and money to invest in your business. No matter your professional goals, Vistaprint has a perfect custom stamp for you. Explore our wide range of custom stamp styles available in different colors, shapes, and sizes to suit all your business and branding needs.