3 ways to highlight your business using Twitter

You’ve heard it time and time again – your business must have a social media presence in order to compete in this digitalized day and age. And we’re here not only to reiterate that fact, but support it with hard data. With over 302 million monthly active users on Twitter communicating in 500 million tweets a day, you can’t ignore this social media behemoth.

And not only does your business need a Twitter presence, you also need to make it unique and capable of standing out in the massive twittosphere. With that in mind, here are three ways to customize your Twitter profile and give your business the best chance of standing out! (For Facebook tips, check out our cheat sheet).

1. Your profile picture as your business card

At first sight, your Twitter profile will look remarkably similar to Facebook as we now know it — including a large profile photo. Twitter recommends using a photo with a resolution of at least 400 x 400 pixels.

Image courtesy of Mashable

With a complete overhaul of Twitter’s “Following” list, you can now use your photo as a digital business card. The list is almost unrecognizable and has, instead, become more of a Pinterest-style collection of cards. Use your profile picture, header and short description to its fullest potential by showcasing your company’s key messages to gain new followers.

2. Endless possibilities with your cover photo


Another exciting feature of your Twitter profile is a customizable header image (1500 x 500 pixels). You can view this as the prime real estate for your business, so make sure to upload high-quality images. A few things to consider for making your brand stand out:

– What do you do best?
The header image is an ideal place to show followers what your company does best. This prevents any confusion for people discovering your page for the first time and, when visually appealing, is also a great selling tool for your company’s product. For example, we at 99designs by Vista love our designers’ work and will showcase these designs by rotating customized covers.

– Showcase new products
Is your business launching a new product or do you have a promotion or sale running? Include images and text in your header image to describe the product or offer, and to highlight the dates it’s available for sale. Don’t forget to swap this out when it’s outdated!

– Highlight your hashtag
Creating a hashtag is great if you want to track how many people are talking about your business, promotion, or contest. One advantage of the new header is that you can easily feature your personal hashtag by incorporating it into the design.

– Celebrate the seasons
There’s no better way of showing your festive flair than to change your headers with seasons and holidays. Think of adding pumpkins for Halloween, Christmas lights and a snowman during the winter holidays, and flowers when spring peeks around the corner. Don’t be afraid to experiment with colors!

These headers can be used in many more ways and will be a great tool to encourage engagement with your followers and (potential) customers. Not really sure how or where to start? Don’t fret! Our friends at 99designs’ Tasks will resize your existing Twitter background to fit perfectly in the new profile header, for just $19. When it’s time for a refresh or new promo, Swiftly’s designers are ready to help out and will return your customized design in under an hour!

3. Pinning your tweet


Actor Zac Efron was one of the first ones with a new profile and started “pinning” right away

Twitter’s design will allow you to pin your best, or most important, tweet to the top of your page to “amplify your awesomeness.” This feature gives your business another opportunity to highlight promos, showcase a customer’s review, focus on an update and much more.

Make sure to read this blog post by Douglas Mason, Twitter’s data scientist, revealing the best ways to keep your followers engaged. For example, adding videos in a tweet will give you a 28% boost in retweets and adding a photo will get you 35% more retweets. Keep this in mind when picking your tweets to pin.

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Author: Pamela Webber