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100+ small business name ideas for 2024

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For such a small thing, finding a match out of your favorite small business name ideas is a big deal. An effective name can distinguish your small business, signal what it does, make it easy to locate and foster a memorable brand impression. Even if it comes down to a single word, brands will spend huge amounts of time, resources and tears over that word.

And once your business is up-and-running, your name will be difficult to change. While it’s important, choosing a name shouldn’t be a miserable experience. With enough guidance, the process can be creative and fun. We’re going to give you some basic naming tips along with over 100 business name examples for 2024.

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How to choose a good business name

A good small business name combines practical and creative factors into a single word or phrase. While not every business name will follow the same rules, here are some general guidelines for choosing your business name.

Logo design for a pediatric dentist

Source: by bo_rad

Know the common types of business names

Any word can become a name, but you’ll notice brands use similar approaches to naming, many of which overlap.

The common types of business names are:

  • Descriptive (Land Rover)
  • Proper nouns/names (Disney)
  • Acronyms (KFC)
  • Mashups (FedEx)
  • Non-English words (L’Oréal)
  • Stylized spellings (Lyft)
  • Humorous or cute (MailChimp)
  • Onomatopoeic or sound-based (Twitter)
  • Alliterative (PayPal)
  • Symbolic (Apple)

Keep it simple

It’s tempting to make your name as innovative and unconventional as your business, but generally the more straightforward, the better. Simple names are easiest to say and remember, and when descriptive, they set expectations clearly.

Logo design for a travel brand

Source: by BLVART

The length of your business name depends on your particular brand and target audience. Names can range from a single word to an entire sentence (I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!), but the latter rarely works. For simplicity’s sake, aim for one or two words.

Be unique

A unique business name is not just a good idea, it’s a legal requirement. When registering a small business, you’ll need to trademark your name—which means it can’t belong to another company. While you’ll ultimately register the trademark with a patent office, you can quickly search your government’s trademark database to ensure the name is available.

Logo design for a restaurant brand

Source: by vraione

To come up with a unique business name, tap into your individuality. Start with your brand identity, and pay particular attention to the story behind your business. What inspired your business idea? How does that relate to your goals? Adobe, for example, is named after a place (Adobe Creek) in the founder’s hometown. It also refers to building material, which relates to their product (creative software).

For more in-depth tips, check out our complete guide to choosing a business name.

Small business name ideas and examples

Business name ideas for the flower and gardening industries

Incorporating some aspect of plants is the most straightforward way to name your florist or gardening business. Between specific plants (roses or trees), individual plant parts (leaves or stems) and stages of plant life (saplings or mulch), there’s a forest of botanical terms to reinvent. Alternatively, your name can reference the love of plants that you share with your customers.

Logo design for a flowers/gardening business

Source: by Diggitigirl ♥

  1. [FLORIST NAME] Blooms
  2. Green Thumb Gardening
  3. Saplings
  4. Cuttings
  5. Smell the Roses
  6. Full Bloom  
  7. Shoots and Leaves
  8. The Plant People
  9. Mulch and More

Business name ideas for the art, design or craft industries

Whether you are making art for your customers or supplying artists, arts, design and crafts are all about that handcrafted touch. That’s why even big brands (Joann’s Fabrics) personalize their business with a name like an artist’s signature. You might also reference what your craft means to you, such as the joy of discovering beauty in patchwork materials.

Greek mythology-inspired logo in monochrome for craft brand

Source: by C1k

  1. Made By [YOUR NAME]
  2. Bookworm Brush (for a book cover illustrator)
  3. [STREET NAME] Arts & Crafts
  4. The Crafty Culprits 
  5. The Patchwork Place

Business name ideas for the retail industry

Retail is a broad industry, encompassing everything from clothing to candles and beyond. A business name that signals exactly what you sell is often a practical necessity. But retail can be aspirational as well, providing superior products that improve daily life. Your name can prompt customers to imagine how amazing their new room will look or how much better their clothes will fit.

Bright green and blue packaging for a coffee roasting brand called "SIT"

Source: by duwi.sleman

  1. See The Light Candle Makers
  2. Amazing Space Interior Design
  3. Better Fits (for a tailor)
  4. Purrfect Treats (for cat food)
  5. Vintage Vault
  6. Second Chance Style
  7. Little Things (for a baby clothes store)

Business name ideas for the fashion or jewelry industries

Because fashion and jewelry are associated with luxury, many business names will emphasize how precious and rare their products are. But there’s also a great deal of artisanal expertise that goes into this work, and that can be a better selling point than a luxurious lifestyle. Consider words like “smith” or highlighting specific tools or materials to give your brand a sense of care and craft.

Pink packaging for fashion brand "Cashmere Treats"

Source by TikaDesign

  1. Precious 
  2. Hidden Gems
  3. Finer Things
  4. The Rough 
  5. Modern Smiths 
  6. Hammer and Wire
  7. All That Glitters

Business name ideas for the health and beauty industries

Many wellness brand names reference transformation, promising otherworldly peace with mystical terms (“zen” or “nirvana”). Others acknowledge that they are giving clients much needed relaxation through a name that evokes a getaway. For custom beauty services, a personal name tells clients their hair/makeup is in expert hands.

Tonal brown, beige and yellow logo design for "Satica" wellness brand

Source: by casign

  1. Beauty by [YOUR NAME]
  2. The Zen Den
  3. Good Eye styling
  4. The Ahhh Spa
  5. Nirvana Spas
  6. The Sound of Silence 

Business name ideas for the food and beverage industry

With endless ways to reinvent recipes, food and beverage is one of the most crowded industries. These businesses will often stand out through clever names, involving food-based puns and plays on words. For attracting local traffic, entice hungry or thirsty patrons with a deliciously descriptive name. If your recipe is particularly novel, consider calling out unique ingredients within your name (as in Coca-Cola).

"mama huhu" chinese dumpling branding

Source by goopanic

  1. Perk Me Up
  2. The Grind
  3. Spill the Beans
  4. Spilled Milk
  5. Good Dog Pet Bakery
  6. Lickety-split Ice Cream
  7. Gimme the Scoop Ice Cream
  8. The Perfect Cup
  9. Seller Palette (for a wine-seller)
  10. Babble and Bake (for group baking classes)
  11. Slice of Life Pizza
  12. Slice of Heaven Pizza
  13. Break Bread Bakery
  14. Let Them Eat Cake
  15. Beers and Boards (for a board game bar)
  16. Brewing on [STREET NAME]
  17. Cork (for a wine bar
  18. Buttered Buns (for a bakery or even burger shop)
  19. Meat Freaks (for a butcher or steakhouse)

Business name ideas for the finance and accounting industry

Business names for finance and accounting should be as precise as the work they describe. Names that promise customers accuracy and results will inspire trust. At the same time, finance and accounting sometimes get a bad rap for being stuffy and stern. Depending on your target audience, a humorous name will bring levity and approachability to an otherwise dry business.

Design by Rom@n

  1. Crunch the Numbers Accounting
  2. Finished Business
  3. Home Grown
  4. Money Tree Finance 
  5. Compound Accounting 
  6. Life, Death and Tax Accounting 
  7. A Penny Saved Wealth Management
  8. Dollars and Cents
  9. Independence Finance

Business name ideas for fitness industry

A fitness brand is there to support customers on their exercise journey. A name that signals you’ll cheer them to the finish line or coach them through their daily reps will make you not just a brand but a workout partner. Fitness is also hard work, and brands can challenge their audience with a strong name that evokes intensive training and serious commitment.

Logo design for a fitness brand

Design by Milos Zdrale

  1. Run Amok Running Gear
  2. The Distance 
  3. Finish Line
  4. In Stride
  5. The Shred Shed
  6. Reps and Sets
  7. Doing Better
  8. The Happy Place
  9. Diddly Squats 

Business name ideas for the sporting/outdoors industry

In a world of office work and digital screens, outdoor sporting brands promise adventure. Through names that reference thrill-seeking or uncharted exploration, sporting brands tantalize their customers with the sheer excitement in store for them. They can also position themselves as reliable guides for these adventures, whether they provide literal nature tours or sell customers their own adventuring kits.

Logo design for a sporting/outdoors brand

Design by Evan.C

  1. On a Roll (for roller skating)
  2. Tailored Thrills (for a nature tour brand)
  3. Cliffhanger (for a rock-climbing store)
  4. The Great Out Store (for camping supplier)
  5. The Open Road (for campervan rental)
  6. The Trailhead
  7. Wanderer 
  8. The Marker
  9. Lands Unknown
  10. Edge of The Map

Business name ideas for the cleaning industry

Cleaning is one job where customers don’t want the nitty gritty details—they want the outcome. A name that tells customers just how clean their space is going to get is not only straightforward but reassuring. As a generally unpleasant chore, cleaning is also an industry where a humorous name goes a long way.

Logo design for a cleaning brand

Design by bo_rad

  1. Squeaky Clean Services 
  2. Shipshape Cleaners
  3. Not A Speck
  4. As A Whistle
  5. Clean Slate
  6. Clean House
  7. Clean Sweep
  8. Scrub A Tub
  9. Shine and Sparkle
  10. Class A Cleaning 

Business name ideas for the trades industry

A solid name for a special trade company will signal expertise. Because the job involves delicate or intricate machinery (often foundational to the very building), customers want to know that they are in good hands. If the job involves emergency repairs, it never hurts to point out that you’re quick and always available—even in the name itself.

Logo design for a heating/cooling brand

Design by Freshinnet

  1. Pipe Dream Plumbing 
  2. If You Build It Constructions
  3. Old Soul (for a vintage tech repair)
  4. Toolbox-on-Call
  5. Carpenter-on-Call
  6. Let There Be Light (for an electrician)
  7. Good as New  (for home repair)
  8. Chisel and Nail (for a carpenter)
  9. In Flow (for a plumber)
  10. No More Leaks!
  11. With The Grain (for a carpenter)

Business name ideas for the book or bookstore industries

Bookstores are places to lose yourself in other worlds, so it’s no wonder so many highlight the escapism waiting on their shelves. If the collection is especially eclectic, a name can emphasize the rare and unexpected. In either case, a sense of discovery is the key component. Alternatively, the only thing a book lover loves discovering as much as a good story is a fellow book lover.

Logo design for a book publishing brand

Design by Evan.C

  1. Storybook Sellers (for a children’s bookstore)
  2. The Nook 
  3. By Its Cover
  4. Between the Lines
  5. Read On Books
  6. Lost and Found (for a second-hand bookstore)
  7. The Bookmark
  8. The Blurb 
  9. The Places You’ll Go
  10. Better When Read

Tips for brainstorming a small business name

While there are general conventions that work for each industry, creating a good business name means putting your thinking cap on. Let’s go over some common strategies for brainstorming a business name.

  • Research competitors: Make a list of names competitors are using and identify the strategy behind their choices
  • Word association: Uncover tangential words and concepts by drawing a mind map
  • Focus on keywords: Discover which search engine keywords customers are using when finding businesses in your industry
  • Use a business name generator: While we don’t suggest that you rely on AI to name your business, a name generator can be a useful tool for coming up with words and concepts.

Choose a small business name that resonates

Naming your small business can seem like a stressful job in and of itself. But once you’re done, your name will be a source of pride. And since it’s something you only get to do once (for the most part), approach the process with creativity and enthusiasm. 

If at any time you feel stuck, refer back to the strategies other businesses have used. And when you’re ready to make your name into a real brand, get a logo worthy of your creativity and pride.

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