The best types of signs to market your business

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So you’re considering signage for your small business—but what type of sign is best? With a large selection of options from sandwich boards to vehicle signs, navigating the world of printed signage can seem overwhelming. The right sign can significantly impact your small businesses’ performance, be it driving foot traffic or bolstering brand recognition. 

That’s why we made this article to guide you through the various types of signs and how to best design them. Remember, it’s important to tailor your signage to your business and budget to effectively promote and represent your unique brand.

Why does your business need signage? 

As a new small business owner, you may have already obtained a website domain name and have ideas about your site’s appearance. But if you haven’t given the same kind of consideration to your physical business signage, you’re missing an incredible and cost-effective marketing opportunity.

Is signage really all that important for a new business? Marketing experts like to point out that your website works for you 24 hours a day, seven days a week, all year long. But guess what? Your business’s signs work just as hard for you—and often in a cheaper, lower-maintenance way.

If you’re not quite sold yet, here are just some benefits that signage can have on small businesses:

  • Increase your visibility
  • Make you stand out from the competition
  • Promote a sale or event
  • Build brand awareness
  • Let people know you’re open for business

Types of signs you should know

  1. Banners and flags
  2. Sandwich boards (A-frames)
  3. Window signs 
  4. Floor decals
  5. Posters
  6. Vehicle signs 

Already know what sign you want? Jump ahead to learn more about tips and best practices that will help your signs stand out.

1. Banners and flags

Banners and flags demand attention with their prominent size, making them a compelling signage option. Their bold presence loudly and proudly proclaims your business’s brand or message and can’t be ignored by passersby. 

Whether fluttering in the wind to announce a sale, mark an event or simply draw attention to your business, banners and flags offer a visually striking way to communicate your message.

If you are looking for more options and styles, check out all our customizable outdoor signs.

Mush Custom Banner Sign

2. Sandwich boards 

Sandwich boards (or A-frame signs) are a classic street-side sign that offers a versatile and effective way to promote your business or draw attention to your services or menu. They combine visibility with engagement to attract customers and drive foot traffic to your storefront, which is especially perfect if your storefront is slightly hidden from plain view. 

Afro Vegan Sandwich Board
A-frame sign with menu

3. Window signs 

If your business storefront has a window, don’t let it go to waste! Window signs are an easy and effective method to keep customers informed about your opening hours, latest offers, sales and more. Printing window signs is usually on the cheaper end of the sign budget scale, making it the perfect option to refresh your signage and promote new deals. 

Window decal sign to show business hours

4. Floor decals 

Floor decals offer a clever alternative for using space when wall and window space is limited. For those who are more inclined to gaze downward, floor decals present an even better way to grab their attention and direct customers accordingly.  

Floor decal pointing to retail store
Floor decal sign for a retail store

5. Posters 

Posters are timeless and versatile signage suitable for both walls and windows. They offer a cost-effective marketing option for promotions or new products for your small business. Similar to window signs, posters offer great versatility due to their budget friendly ability to switch up the surroundings in your store. 

Custom Printed Poster Sign
Printed posters for your business

6. Vehicle signs 

Vehicle signs or car door decals offer a dynamic and budget-friendly method of advertising your small business, particularly if your services involve driving, like delivery or private driving instruction. By transforming your vehicles into mobile billboards, you can effectively reach potential customers while on the move. 

Car decal sign for van
Car decal for business logo

Best practices and tips on signage design

So now that you know about the types of signs, how do you choose what to use? It’s always a good idea to choose a variety of types of signs to cover different situations, but it’s only truly beneficial when they deliver results. That’s where signage design tips come in! Here are some simple best practices to get a great return on investment. 

Keep in mind your brand identity and marketing strategy 

Whichever signage options you decide to use, shout your small business brand from the rooftops. As you design your sign, remain faithful to your brand identity and marketing strategy, ensuring consistency and reinforcing your business’s unique message and values.

Consider the surrounding space

While choosing the largest sign option to promote your small business may be tempting, it’s essential to consider the space surrounding the sign. Ensure the sign fits harmoniously and effectively grabs attention without overwhelming the area.

Standout from competitors with great design 

Resist the urge to overload your sign with information about your small business. Instead, prioritize brilliant design. A well-crafted sign not only grabs attention but also delivers your message in a visually captivating and unforgettable way. 

Type of sign with great design

Consider text hierarchy 

Great design starts with the foundational principles of graphic design—one of which is text hierarchy. Identify which message holds the greatest significance and make this the largest text so it commands the most attention. 

Include a CTA 

In an ideal world, what would you like your customers to do next once they’ve seen your sign? Visit your shop? Sign up for your newsletter? Marketing 101 tells us to include a call to action (CTA) in our day-to-day marketing efforts so that customers have a guide for their next step.

Be bold and clear

In the fast-paced world of street traffic, you have seconds to captivate a passerby’s interest. It’s crucial that your message cuts through the noise and distractions with clarity, leaving no room for confusion. Keep it succinct and to the point, avoiding unnecessary details that might dilute its impact.

Signage design with clear and bold text

Consider a QR code 

Incorporating a QR code on your sign is an excellent opportunity to offer customers a quick and convenient way to access more information using their phones. However, consider the type of sign before including a QR code; posters and window signs are ideal, and they won’t be effective on flags or banners due to their distance from viewers.


Create a stunning sign for your small business

As your small business expands, investing in signage is crucial for your marketing strategy. With numerous options available, choosing the right signs and implementing signage best practices greatly impacts your business, attracting foot traffic and boosting brand recognition. You can check out our Small Business Marketing Guide 2024 to see how business owners are using signage to attract consumers effectively.

Each sign type serves a distinct purpose, catering to various business needs and brand identities. Each plays a role in effective promotion, from attention-grabbing banners to informative window signs and practical safety signage.