Celebrating Small Business Week May 1 – 7, 2022

Behind every small business is a really big dream, and dreamer.

This Small Business Week we’re celebrating the local founders and entrepreneurs who are making their dreams a reality—powering entire communities and local economies through their vibrant energy, hard work and unique products & services. We love stories like theirs. And we want to hear yours, too!

What’s your small business big dream?

We asked real small business owners to finish this sentence. The results, as we suspected, were pretty inspiring.

“My small business big dream is to create a company built on the ideology of diversity and inclusion, inspiring future generations to be a force for positive change.”

— Kristen Gonzalez, Selva Negra

Check out how Selva Negra is holding itself accountable to higher standards of ethical practices, inclusive sizing and sustainability.

“My small business big dream is to cultivate a community space where people are free to express themselves, inspire others and explore all elements of art.”

— Olivia Brydon, Creatiive Natiive

Check out how Olivia’s “brainiac” designs celebrate individuality and difference.

“My small business big dream is to continue creating innovative, effective, and fun herbal formulas that support the health and well-being of others.”

— Abbe Findley, Zizia Botanicals

Check out how Abbe Findley creates innovative formulas for modern day humans of all kinds.

“My small business big dream is to create a platform for my staff, family and community to build and grow.”

— Chase Valencia, Latisa

Check out how Chase and his cofounders celebrate the Filipino flavors of their youth even while opening a restaurant in a pandemic.

“My small business big dream is to create opportunities for generations to come. To expand and represent in new spaces and pave the path for new generations of entrepreneurs.”

— Daniel Buezo, Kids of Immigrants

Check out how Kids of Immigrants recognizes that we are all cut from different fabrics but together make a whole.

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