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19 lawyer business cards that do design justice

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It might come as a surprise but business cards for lawyers are varied and often creative. Just because the industry is serious, does not mean the business cards need to be. There is a lot of room to express what the law firm specializes in, who they want to stand for and how they set themselves apart. In fact, lawyer business cards should be memorable, communicating trust and expressing confidence, so prospective clients feel comfortable.

To spark inspiration for lawyers, small business owners or anyone interested in what makes a lawyer business card work, we’ve compiled examples of our favorite lawyer business cards. We think they’re great, but you be the judge!

Modern lawyer business cards

This style of lawyer business cards is ideal for those who want to convey that they can adapt to the demands of today. These business cards are minimally designed with one or two colors for text and background at most. They tend to have geometric shapes and clean lines free of much texture or shading.

Unlike traditional business cards for attorneys, modern lawyer business cards do not contain much text beyond the name of the company. These cards are a great choice for young law firms who would like to work with newer industries like technology, with artists and many other industries who prioritize keeping up with the times.

blackbird law business card

This design is modern, easy and very clear. By Jecakp via 99designs by Vista.

Classic lawyer business cards

When designed intentionally, a classic style never has to mean outdated or boring.

Lawyers who would like to be considered more traditional, who work with bigger or older corporations, the government, or those law firms who have long-standing relationships with the same clients should consider this type of business card because classic cards are timeless and convey unchanging trust.

Classic lawyer business cards are often monochrome, and typography is usually made up of elegant serifs for fonts. Since these cards are often quite simple, fonts play a key role. The preferred color combinations for these cards are gold and black or blue tones and white.

black and gold justice symbol business card

Black, gold and evoking timeless justice symbols. By undrthespellofmars via 99designs by Vista.

Inventive lawyer business cards

Lawyers who are looking to work with new businesses should consider this type of business card because inventive business cards tell clients that you can think outside the box, that you understand creative demands and that you’re open and approachable. Inventive lawyer business cards are great for lawyers who want to set themselves apart and those who work solo. These business cards include details that aren’t common or expected in business cards for lawyers, such as bright colors, non-traditional card shapes and other ways that stretch beyond the norm.

foldable business card

Hard not to notice this business card which replicates the law firm’s logo. Design by 1302 via 99designs by Vista.

Informal lawyer business cards

Not all sections of the law are stuffy and not all lawyers will make a dent in your wallet. Informal lawyer business cards convey just that. These business cards are great for small firm lawyers. Whether working for humanitarian or non-profit causes or with those who do not have access to big-name firms, these cards tell the clients that anyone should have easy access to law expertise.

These types of cards can be handwritten or hand-illustrated, employ watercolors or use thicker papers to express a personal touch.

What do you want your business card to do?

The business card you choose will be dependent on the type of law you practice, the type of lawyer you are and the type of client you’d like to attract. Whatever you choose, remember that creativity always has a place, even in an industry as traditional as law.

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Author: Zeynep Lokmanoglu