Personalized Mother’s Day Gifts 2024

Pick the perfect Mother’s Day gifts with our personalized (and practical!) flowchart

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Don’t miss out on your chance to get Mom some totally unique Mother’s Day gifts for 2024. While we all know she’ll love the obligatory bouquet and chocolates, why not make her feel extra special this year with something you’ve personalized just for her?

To make finding perfect and personalized gift as easy (and fun!) as possible, we’ve created this Mother’s Day flowchart to guide you from beginning to end. Start at the top and answer each question based on your Mom’s likes and interests, and you’ll be sure to find the perfect gift! Or jump straight to our gift ideas and start building mum a custom gift she’ll love – so you can be her favorite this year.

mother’s day themed flowchart

Source: Vista

7 personalized Mother’s Day gifts for 2024

We hope this flowchart sparked some inspiration and pointed you toward a great Mother’s Day gift idea. But if you’re still undecided, you can explore all the items from the chart below. You got this!

  1. Custom Mug

Source: custom Mother’s Day mug design via Vista

Warm Mom’s hands (and her heart!) with a personalized mug. Whether it’s a picture of you, her favorite celebrity or artist, a whimsical quote or even a custom design, with a mug this thoughtful, you’re guaranteed to be the favorite this year. 

  1. Photo Book

Source: Family photo books via Vista

Looking at photos on a phone? Boring, stale, predictable! Looking at photos in a custom photo book? Thrilling, nostalgic, fun for the whole family! Don’t let Mom’s favorite pics disappear into the ether of her smartphone, pop them into a photo book where they can bring joy time and time again. And with a variety of sizes, layouts and covers, you can make each book truly unique. 

  1. Stemless Wine Glass
Custom stemless wine glass with initial etched

Source: stemless wine glass designed with custom etching via Vista

Still, sparkling or sauvignon, add a little glamor to Mom’s next drink with a custom-etched stemless wine glass. An etched message looks great and lasts forever, from a poem you wrote just for Mom, her favorite song lyrics or a quote she loves. We also have a gallery of templates on hand if you’d like some inspiration. Cheers!   

  1. Canvas Print
mother’s day themed canvas print

Source: canvas print designed for Mother’s Day via Vista

If you’ve noticed some spare wall space at Mom’s, then this one’s for you! Turn her favorite memories into a stellar artwork with a custom canvas print. From family portraits to fun photo collages you put together yourself, these aren’t going on the fridge, they’re going on the wall!

  1. Tote Bag
colorful toucan graphic

Try a tote bag design with her favorite animal! Source: TikaDesign via 99designs by Vista

Perfect for running errands, brunches or impromptu trips to the beach, a custom tote bag is both practical and personal. You can add her name, a message or even a funny pet pic to make this tote bag something Mom will want to take everywhere.  

  1. Custom Note Card

Source: personalized card design via Vista

Never underestimate the joy of a simple hand-written custom card. In a world of emails and text messages, personalized note cards stand out. And you don’t have to be a professional designer to make a beautiful note card for Mom! All our templates are super easy to use and customize, and many include space for a photo or two.

  1. Custom T-shirt
mother’s day t-shirt design of woman sipping a hot drink

Theme a T-shirt design with her favorite coffee spot. Source: Bojana. via 99designs by Vista

Maybe your Mom wants something a little different, something a little quirky and totally unique. Did you know you can print a picture of yourself (or anyone really!) on a custom T-shirt? You can also print a message or a design you created yourself. She won’t soon forget this gift, in fact, she might wear it all day, every day!


With these Mother’s Day gift ideas, you’ll be sure to make Mom feel special (and become the family favorite, just like that!). The beauty of a personalized gift is that it can speak to the receiver’s interests, hobbies and soft spots. Does she love selfies with the kids? Put them on mugs, T-shirts and totes. Does she love a certain style of art or an inspirational message or two? Put it on a canvas print or wineglass for her to enjoy every day. 

No matter what gift you get her this Mother’s Day, it’s always the thought that counts. And with a personalized gift, it shows that you’re not just thinking about her — you’re obsessed! Love you, Mom, happy Mother’s Day. And if your looking for more options, here are additional gift ideas for parents that are sure to delight!