Understanding Logos

Why having a memorable and well-designed logo should be at the top of any small business’s list of priorities.

As the marketing and design partner for small businesses, helping them look and feel professional is at the core of everything we do. Our recent survey found just how much impact a logo has on consumers and their willingness to shop small.

Most businesses will have a logo of sorts, but having a well-designed, memorable logo was found to encourage well more than a third of shoppers (43 percent) to buy from a small business.

When it comes to creating a well-designed logo, looking at the most iconic consumer favorites can be useful, as McDonald’s, Amazon, and Nike were voted to have the most memorable logos. While nearly half of those polled expect large companies to have better logos than smaller ones, the almost equal response suggests it’s an even playing field for businesses of any size. In fact, across all age groups, the majority felt a logo should be a high priority when starting a new business.

The colors used in a logo’s design can have a major impact, as logos utilizing blue, white, or black were voted the most favorable, and colors like pink, silver, orange, yellow, and purple the least. If you’re looking to connect with emerging Gen-Z consumers, you may want to consider reining in your color palette as 18- to 24-year-olds prefer monochromatic logos, with black being their top color choice.

The infographic below captures some of the key preferences for logos from US shoppers, and how small businesses can use these to inspire their own design choices: