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Exploring wedding monogram ideas for your stationery

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A custom wedding monogram is an easy way to add your own signature style to your big day. Monograms have been used for thousands of years and are the perfect, classy way to share that you’re taking your relationship to the next level.

Personalized monograms can be featured on wedding invitations, save the dates, thank you cards and even delightful day-of designs. Every time friends and family see the monogram, they’ll feel that burst of excitement knowing that it’s tied to an extra special event. Here’s a closer look at everything you need to know to create a custom monogram to commemorate your special day.

Start with the essential details

The essence of a monogram lies in the chosen letters (and/or dates), so deciding on those details is a great place to start. Most often, a custom wedding monogram will feature the initials of the two individuals getting married. Monograms can feature first initials, first and last initials, full names, wedding date and other details.

A couple with the names like Stephanie and Sam may create an S & S monogram, while another couple might choose to use their full initials and include their wedding date. Explore different examples and even consider sketching various options to give you a feel for what best represents your style and desired effect.

VistaPrint Tip

When it comes to wedding monogram ideas, get inspiration with customized monogram wedding invitation templates to help you explore different styles, layouts and feels.

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Highlight your theme and style

You’ve defined the vision for your wedding and that can be carried through to your invitations and your monogram. Whether you’re going for a classic, modern feel or a boho, whimsical design, your monogram can reflect those aesthetic decisions.

Find terms that describe your overall wedding look and feel. Are you envisioning a formal event where everyone is dressed up, or is your dream beachy casual? What’s the location of your wedding? Other factors to consider include time of year, color scheme and any design decisions that you’ve already made. A garden wedding could be signaled by including a floral wreath around your monogram, for example. Defining your vision into a few words can help you find templates and examples that fit your style.

Consider adding visual elements

Monogram styles range from minimalistic to ornate. A key part of conveying your signature style involves selecting the visual elements you’ll include. At the simple end of the spectrum, a monogram could just feature the initials in a script of your choice. More elaborate versions may include graphical elements or designs.

Common elements include a circle surrounding the initials to signify a wedding ring, an underscore or a flourish. In some cases, a monogram may include an actual image as part of the overall form. A couple that met sailing might incorporate a ship’s outline into their monogram, while another couple’s first date at a winery might be commemorated with intertwined glasses.

Visual aspects also come into play with the stationery you choose. The paper’s weight, texture and other details can heighten the impact that your monogram has on wedding packaging. Touches such as foiling can take the feel upscale and add additional flare during the printing process.

VistaPrint Tip

If you want a custom monogram design, work directly with a graphic designer for a customized design, placement and color scheme. And remember to ask for a digital file to feature on your wedding website.

Embody your vibe with font and color

Other ways to bring life to your custom monogram include choosing the right font. A formal, black-tie event can be embodied by an elegant scripted font. A backyard BBQ wedding, on the other hand, invites a more whimsical choice. Colors can also help to bring your monogram to life. Come back to your core wedding monogram ideas of what you want to convey. From there, you can try your design in different fonts until every detail is just right.

Don’t forget to think of the color palette. As you might imagine, a black-and-white monogram has a very different impact than a deep red with a splash of turquoise. The colors of your monogram can incorporate your larger wedding theme. It’s also possible to choose a monogram design that’s clean and sharp with lines that look great in black, white and neutrals. The monogram can then blend seamlessly into other colors of the stationery you choose.

Make your mark on your special day

Once you’ve created your custom wedding monogram, it can be used in many ways throughout your wedding stationery and beyond.

In the lead-up to the wedding, consider featuring your monogram on save-the-date cards, reminder magnets, wedding invitations and response cards, inserts about logistical details and on your thank you cards.

During the wedding itself, your monogram can be featured on place cards, posters, seating charts or framed prints throughout the venue or even projected onto the wall. Incorporating your monogram into the gifts that you give your wedding party or the favors you choose for guests can be another way to pull every aspect of the experience together.

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Take your monogram beyond your invitations and feature it on customized notecards and even your return address labels for a cohesive visual experience for your wedding.

Get started with your monogram

When planning your wedding, it’s the perfect time to lean into your creative side and really express yourself. A customized wedding monogram is the perfect symbol to show who you are as a couple, from refined and sophisticated to fun and relaxed.

Take the time to choose the monogram that’s right for you, and enjoy that on your stationery, wedding decor and even anniversary gifts in the years to come. Most of all, have fun with this exciting step to bring your wedding vision to life.