Custom holiday cards for businesses: ideas, inspiration and how-to

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Your clients are the reason for your success. The holidays are the perfect time to share your gratitude with them. And while you could go down to the nearest store and buy a box of generic cards, why not make the season bright with a custom holiday card, unique to your company?

Not only will you make their day merry and bright, but you’ll keep your company top-of-mind and build positive brand sentiment.

Need ideas? We’ve got 31 custom holiday cards to inspire you.

Fa la la la logo-based holiday cards

You know having a logo is important, but did you know it could become the centerpiece to your custom holiday card? Get playful and use the shapes and colors of your brand in new ways. Perhaps your logo can become an ornament on a tree, or a visual element of your brand can provide the base for a unique seasonal design.

One thing’s for sure: your recipients will know exactly who this card is from!

Source: A clever repurposing of a logo into a gift box. Design by Zeek_zk via 99designs by Vista.

Source: A playful way to turn a logo festive: make it into lights. Design by Aeryn via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Take an element of your logo or branding and expand on it. Design by Zeek_zk via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Using the Optosecurity logo to build a tree. Design by Vexaro via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Using the Praxent logo to create a gift-wrap inspired pattern. Design by Graphaholic via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Play with the shape of your logo. Design by inaniel via 99designs by Vista.

Card ideas wrapped up in your industry

The type of work you do and the industry you’re in comes with a certain set of expectations and imagery. Be clever, have a little fun with your business and bring a unique spin to your holiday cards.

Source: Santa doing non-Santa things is always fun. Design by lockscreen via 99designs by Vista.

Source: You know what accountants like? Numbers! Design by Hedwig Studio via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Hardies focuses on fresh food, so designer CreatEV built a tree with it. Via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Getting playful with this medical group card. Design by bizarre_amie via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Using line art to turn Multivista’s services into snowflakes. Design by Cristina.icnotiu via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: the business logo as a the gift

Source: It can also be fun to focus on what’s under the tree like in this design by Cassielf via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: mixing services with Christmas themes

Source: Look in the sky! It’s a plane! A constellation! A holiday card! By Kate Pru via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Soley is a startup that focuses on networking gets a networked tree. Design by DISEÑO IDEAS via 99designs by Vista.

Source: A travel company card. Design by Alona K via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: a creative paper airplane for a private jet company

Source: Line art + paper airplanes = classy and unique card for a private jet company. By designer_work (Julia) via 99designs by Vista.

Dreaming of an [insert your location here] Christmas card

This time of year, where you are is very important whether that’s home snuggled up with your family in front of the fire, or getting away from it all on a tropical beach. One great way to connect with your clients this holiday season, especially if you run a business that is intrinsically tied to a specific location, is to bring a sense of place to your designs.

Custom holiday cards: using flat design to capture monuments in other cities

Source: A DC holiday card by dannymerrion via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: mixing a tropical getaway with the holidays
Custom holiday cards: transportation decorated in a holiday theme

Source: Cute and clever way of bringing Hawaii into the holidays. By Gaby_Dieppa via 99designs by Vista.

Source: JITI is a Japanese transit company, so they brought in location and industry. By Alona K via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: mixing summer beachy getaways with christmas themes
Custom holiday cards: skyline art of notable cities

Source: There’s fun with collage in this beachy card. Design by tanikadelaet via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Skyline line art by Andrea Carrot via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: featuring your office in your holiday cards

Source: If your office or store is important to you, bring it into your card. Design by Jared Sc via 99designs by Vista.

Seasons greetings keepin’ it classic

Sometimes you want to be unique, but don’t want to be overly clever. Gather your Christmas card design ideas and create a company holiday card with classic or fun imagery, and maybe include your logo subtly. A custom Christmas card will still make your card stand out from the rest, and hopefully make it to the front of your clients’ mantel card display.

Custom holiday cards: minimalistic holiday illustrations

Source: Simple and special designs by annnko via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Cute and special design by Una.F via 99designs by Vista.

Source: A beautiful, unusual take on tree imagery by berlina via 99designs by Vista.

Source: A fun modern holiday card for a tech company. By artwithashley via 99designs by Vista.

Source: Elegant and unique. By Milusko via 99designs by Vista.

Source: A minimalist take on Santa. Design by Emin T via 99designs by Vista.

Custom holiday cards: hand-drawn illustrations of holiday themes

Source: A hand-drawn holiday card by katerintseva via 99designs by Vista.

Source: When the season is more important than the holidays. By bashango via 99designs by Vista.

Source: A custom holiday card lets you use unique imagery. By Konstantin Kostenko via 99designs by Vista.

How to get a custom holiday card for your business

Maybe you have a freelance graphic designer in house. If so, awesome! Asking them to create a custom holiday card will be a fun project for them. If not, you’re going to want to hire a professional designer or use a handy business Christmas cards template to create your card.

Print your greeting cards

Once you have your card designed, write down your business holiday messages and get it printed.

Don’t forget that time is of the essence when thinking about holiday cards! Getting your design will probably take around a week, and printing at least that much time (unless you want to pay rush fees). Then, of course, you actually have to mail the things early to make sure they get to your clients on time! In all, I’d recommend budgeting about a month to create your custom cards.

Happy Holidays!

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