How to Use Stamps for Branding and Promotion

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Your business has endless repetitive tasks and processes, whether you’re filing another document or sending another piece of mail. Business stamps can help optimize your workflows, saving you time and money on typical jobs. Instead of adding expenses with countless branded products, use a business stamp for your branding and promotional strategy. See how business stamps can help you save time and money while taking your branding to the next level.

What Is a Business Stamp?

A business stamp is any kind of stamp that helps you accomplish your work tasks. We carry a range of business stamps for jobs large and small. Look into options like logo stamps, signature stamps, and customizable stamps. Customize business stamps with your own text or image. Create your own stamps for filing, recordkeeping, mailing, and other office needs. Branding stamps can help you create a cohesive image across invoices, envelopes, packaging, and more.

With one affordable solution, professional offices can create a polished brand and feel. Small businesses and individuals can easily market their goods and services. Upgrade your brand with a custom logo stamp to use on cards and marketing materials, whether you’re a service-based business or selling a product as an entrepreneur.

Different Types of Business Stamps

Business stamps come in several varieties for different purposes. Learn how to find the right stamp for your goals. Whether you want to make tasks more efficient or make your marketing more successful, we have the right business stamp for your vision.

Self-Inking Stamps

Self-inking business stamps are an excellent option for offices and administrative work. These stamps don’t need an ink pad and self-ink quickly. Streamline your filing and create a more professional image with custom self-inking business stamps. Great for quick, repetitive jobs, consider these types of stamps for regular work with words, numbers, addresses, or simple images. Our custom self-inking stamps are available in four size options and five different colors and can be used up to 10,000 times.

Use self-inking stamps for:

  • Streamlining work processes
  • Saving time on documents and packaging
  • Quick, repetitive tasks
  • Mail, letters, and filingSimple branding
  • Simple branding

Pre-inking Stamps

For a clearer, more crisp branding stamp image, consider pre-inking stamps. These business stamps are best when creating visual interest or stamping a more detailed picture. If your logo is more complex, or you want to add a more professional feel to your branding, this business stamp is for you. Find Vistaprint pre-inking stamps available in four sizes and five colors. Fully customize your stamp to fit your needs.

Use pre-inking business stamps for:

  • Custom logo stamps
  • Attractive visual branding
  • Security stamps
  • QR codes
  • Complex images

Pre-inked stamps take longer to ink between uses than self-inked stamps, but they can create a more striking visual appeal.

Signature Stamps

If you’re responsible for signing documents regularly, save time and eliminate writer’s cramps by creating a custom signature stamp. Use it to sign official documents, letters, and other paperwork. This type of pre-inking stamp is a favorite for professionals across many industries. Upload your signature once and stamp with an exact copy in seconds every time. Signature stamps are available in 3 different colors.

Use Cases for Business Stamps

The ways you can use branding stamps to build your business are endless. Industries like healthcare, financial services, hospitality, and many more use stamps to work more efficiently and build a cohesive brand image. If you use paper in your business, you can likely benefit from stamps. Use business stamps in countless ways to simplify your workflows or promote your business.

You could use a business stamp to:

  • Create eye-catching business cards with custom logo stamps.
  • Make professional custom packaging using rubber stamps and include all your company’s important details.
  • Quickly stamp social media handle cards.
  • Design invitations, cards, and stationery.
  • Simplify mail and letters.
  • Mark care instructions for clothing or handmade items (wash or care instructions, fragile tags, and item details).
  • Brand menus, coasters, cups, and other paper products.

Tips to Approach Branding and Promoting Your Small Business

Creating a brand image can feel challenging when you first begin the process. Here are a few tips to help you start branding and promote your small business confidently.

Tip #1: Establish Your Brand Identity

What defines your brand? Figure out what you specialize in and how you offer solutions for your customers. Understand how you want your brand to make your customers feel. What elements best represent your brand identity?
Consider a special symbol or brand look. Is your brand fun or serious? Warm or cool? Simple or complex? Know what makes your business stand out from the rest and highlight your brand’s unique qualities.

Tip #2: Settle on Your Own Unique Look

Once you establish your identity, settle on a look that sells it. Use colors that evoke emotions of your brand identity. Choose visuals that represent your style and look. Play around with different color palettes and search for patterns you’d like to use in your design. Gather all your ideas together that look like a good fit. Create a file to keep all your elements in one place.

Tip #3: Determine Which Visual Elements to Use

Simple is often the most memorable. Narrow down choices and decide which elements best represent your brand. Play around with a few different versions and options. Get a second opinion. Your elements should be easy to recognize and understand for your viewers. Think about how your visual elements will look on your materials like boxes, business cards, and other products.

Whether you’re a new startup or an established business, branding stamps can make your work processes more manageable. Entrepreneurs, owners, and professionals across many industries use stamps to make their work more efficient and create attractive marketing materials. Vistaprint’s line of customizable business stamps are the perfect, cost-effective solution for your business’s branding and promotion strategy.