36 mascot logos with their game face on

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Making a mascot logo the face of your brand is a clever move. And contrary to popular belief, they’re not just a great choice for kids’ brands. Whatever business you’re in, there’s a mascot waiting to be unleashed. In this article, we’ve rounded up our favorite mascots across different industries.

Table of contents:

  1. Childcare mascot logos
  2. Environmental mascot logos
  3. Animal & pet mascot logos
  4. Sports mascot logos
  5. Security mascot logos
  6. Bar & microbrewery mascot logos
  7. Accounting & financial mascot logos
  8. Construction mascot logos
  9. Tech company mascot logos

Let’s start with the basics: a mascot logo is loosely defined as any illustrated character representing your organization.

It differs from other types of logos because it appeals to emotions, as people tend to connect mascots with personalities. Without saying a word, a mascot logo employs a crucial aspect of the art of selling: first appeal to the heart, then the brain. Check out the mascot logo examples below to see how it’s done.

A friendly and fun mascot logo

Want to be pals with your customers? Use sympathetic elements like friendly characters in playful poses. Whether your target group is kids or you are generally looking to make your brand more approachable, this selection is sure to give off the warm fuzzies.

Childcare mascot logos

If you’re a childcare business that can get a kid to see a friend in your mascot logo, you’re in the game. Big eyes, cuteness and anthropomorphism make these childcare mascots appeal to children of all ages.

Environmental mascot logos

What better way to illustrate that your business is eco-friendly than to incorporate environmental elements with your mascot? Place your character on top of the world, or give a friendly face to what can sometimes be a dirty job.

Animal & pet mascot logos

Caring for animals and pets is serious fun. But who says fun and friendly have to be hokey? From vintage to modern to playing with stereotypes, these mascots show a wide range of ways to have fun while expressing a message.

 A mascot logo that shows strength

Furrowed brows, flexed muscles and weapons of destruction all imply dominance and power. From sports teams seeking to psych out their opponents to brands protecting their customers, to businesses wishing to evoke the dark aesthetic, here are some kickass mascots.

Sports mascot logos

Before the whistle blows, sports teams often try to show dominance and undercut their opponent’s will to fight—in effect winning the game before it’s begun. This can be done by striking fear into the opposition’s heart with an intimidating mascot.

Security mascot logos

Protection businesses want to show their prospects that they go hard on criminals. Using a strong and awe-inspiring mascot can let evildoers know they’d better beware and ease clients’ minds by letting them know they’ve got a reliable protector on their side.

Bar & microbrewery mascot logos

Primal instincts and carnal passions get exorcised when the giggle juice starts flowing. They’re not called “spirits” for nothing. Bars and microbreweries tap into the power of temptation by encouraging their patrons to cut loose. Gaze at these mascot logos from the dark side, if you dare.

A mascot logo that inspires trust and confidence

Maybe your brand isn’t looking to scare anyone. Luckily, there are a number of visual archetypes associated with creating a sense of calm and accountability. If you’re a business wanting to earn the trust of customers, here’s some mascot logo inspiration.

Accounting & financial mascot logos

Companies entrusted to handle other people’s money need to put their prospects at ease. Wise owls, zen warriors and friendly nerd characters show that these guys are on your side and know what they’re doing.

Construction mascot logos

Safety is the primary concern when it comes to construction and demolition. A reliable, vintage worker mascot shows that you’ve been around the block, and plucky animals communicate dogged professionalism. After all, nobody wants to be bothered with more banging and clanging than necessary.

reliable worker

Logo design by Freshinnet via 99designs by Vista.

A mascot logo showing a crow character

Logo design by Nikola 81 via 99designs by Vista.

Technology mascot logos

Tech companies have to be like good chess players, two steps ahead of the action. A tech mascot logo will often use modern software (like 3D rendering) and abstract styles to convey unique ways their businesses stay ahead of the information curve.

Mascot logos are crowdpleasers

We’ve looked through different styles and even the specific industries where mascot logos are common. Ultimately, it’s all about finding the best fit for your particular brand. Identify your company’s unique personality structure, and connect it with a visual archetype that resonates.

polar bear mascot design

Mascot design by — Rogger — via 99designs by Vista.

Customers will feel a connection with your mascot’s energy and live vicariously through it. They’ll see themselves as predators poised to crush all opponents. Perhaps, they’ll even feel like mature, responsible guardians of their money, and like fun, loving animal protectors.

Establishing an emotional connection with your customers might be the thing that sets you apart from the competition, and might just have them in the stands cheering for all of the great work your company does.

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Author: Rob Hooks

This article was originally published in 2018. It has been updated with new examples and information.