Photography business card ideas

Inspiring photography and photographer business card ideas

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A well-designed photography business card is key to success as a photographer. Business cards are shareable, portable and make it incredibly easy to drive people to your website or encourage them to call you. But this last point is only true if your business cards have an effective design. For photographer business cards, an effective design is more than a cool image—it’s a sample of your style paired with all your vital contact information.

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What should be on photography business cards?

Like all other business cards, photography business cards are a means to share vital business information with others, such as potential collaborators and clients. Besides your contact information, include the type of work you do and your niche. Information about your photography business needs to be front and center, with any visual design complementing it rather than competing with it. Take a look at this business card to see how the imagery works to highlight the text:

Photographer business card featuring a name and circle

Source: by Hamedi via 99designs by Vista

A photography business card must include the following: 

  • Your business name
  • Your logo
  • Your actual name, if different from your business name
  • Your business phone number
  • Your website

It should also state the type or types of photography you specialize in through a line of text or an example image. Remember, business cards are small, so a highly detailed photo might lose some important details when scaled to business card size. If you include an example photo, opt for a fairly simple one. Otherwise, including a line or two of copy about your niche is fine. The goal isn’t to showcase your whole portfolio but to get people to your website, where they can see your work in glorious definition and detail. 

You can make this easier by including a QR code that goes directly to your homepage or contact page.

Photography business card with QR code

Source: by SyncFuse™ Solutions via 99designs by Vista

Designing your photographer business cards

The next part of designing your photographer business cards is making them look like “you!” 

By this, we mean drawing from your brand identity to create a design that communicates:

  • Your intended audience
  • Your aesthetic style
  • Your position within your market
  • The subjects you photograph
  • Your values

It’s a lot to communicate, we know. But these are the points you communicate through savvy design choices rather than listing them on your business card, like your name and phone number. Think back to your logo design—you likely used color psychology and font to determine how your logo can represent your brand most accurately. Apply these to your business card!

Photographer business card featuring a mountain image

Source: by @Franshi via 99designs by Vista

For example, if you have a fun, quirky brand, like vibrantly colored pet photography, you might opt for a sans serif font to communicate your playfulness. Or, if your primary focus is weddings, you might choose metallic foil for your text to create a sense of sophistication. This extends to choices like your business card’s material and finish—a glossy finish feels more luxe, whereas a matte finish feels more approachable. 

Examples of different business card materials available on VistaPrint

Source: examples of business card materials via VistaPrint

You can even play with different shapes to see which best represents your brand—maybe you’re not exactly traditional, so a traditionally shaped rectangular card isn’t the right choice. Or perhaps the sleek look of rounded corners applies to your brand:

Rounded vs. standard corners for business card options

Source: example of standard and rounded corners for business cards via VistaPrint

How do I make a captivating business card?

Prioritize the most important information in your photography business card design: your business name, your logo and the type of photography you do. Beyond being striking, your card should make your brand memorable because that will lead people to your website and to contact you for service. 

How do I make my photography business stand out? 

Make it interesting! Opt for metallic edges, an unconventional shape, an example of your work or a business card in a striking color. Try a few designs to see the most effective way to distill your brand into a photographer’s business card.

Inspiring photographer business card design ideas

Photography business cards with photographs

Photographs are an obvious choice for photography business cards. After all, that’s what you do, so what better way to showcase your work than to showcase it on your business card literally?

Wedding photographer business card idea

Source: by CostinLogopus via 99designs by Vista

This type of business card design is best if the photos you’re showcasing are high-contrast or feature large, in-focus subjects rather than smaller and more detailed photos. On a small business card, finer details and subtle colors can get lost.

Photography business card featuring a woman in makeup

Source: by Ana Den via 99designs by Vista

Photography business card featuring a human face

Source: by HAHTO Creative via 99designs by Vista

Colorful photography business card ideas

If your business is bright and colorful, invest in colorful photographer business cards! As a photographer, you know how important color is in your work, so harness that power and let color drive your design.

Business card featuring a bear image

Source: CurveSky™ ☑️ via 99designs by Vista

Business card featuring flashes of color

Source: by KisaDesign via 99designs by Vista

Business card featuring a geometric minimalist camera image

Source: by Galaxiya via 99designs by Vista

Creative photography business cards

As a creative professional, don’t feel like you need to lock yourself into a traditional card shape or style, especially if your brand is all about pushing boundaries and thinking outside the box. Showcase your artistry with a creative photography business card.

Creative photography business card idea that looks like a camera

Source: by Design Desires !!! via 99designs by Vista

Creative illustration for business card

Source: by PM78 via 99designs by Vista

Square business card idea

Source: by ultrastjarna via 99designs by Vista

Minimalist photography business cards

Minimalism is one style that is always in, even when it’s not “trending.” That’s because minimalism is sophisticated and cool. If you’re a photographer who likes subtlety and clean lines, a minimalist business card is the right call for your brand.

Minimalist photographer business card

Source: by Apfel© via 99designs by Vista

Business card featuring a minimalist portrait of Charlie Chaplin

Source: by HYPdesign via 99designs by Vista

Minimalist business card for photography

Source: minimalist business card design with the letter ‘O’ in the center that represents a camera. By Eva Hilla via 99designs by Vista

Design and print your photography business cards

Business cards are an important piece of marketing collateral for photographers. Keep business cards on you at all times—you never know when you’ll share one! Whether you’re just starting your photography business or a pro looking for a refresh, you can design a great photography business card with VistaPrint. Upload your existing design, or check out our templates to get started!