Best poster templates for 2024

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In today’s visually driven world, posters stand as beacons of communication, capable of capturing attention and conveying messages instantly. From small businesses to large brands, posters offer a versatile platform for promoting products, events and ideas.

But forget starting from scratch and wrestling with designs. Poster templates offer effortless customization; simply swap text and images with a click, instantly inserting your brand and message into the template.

So, let’s delve into the world of poster templates, exploring the myriad of options available and uncovering the secrets to creating impactful designs. Then, dive into VistaPrint’s poster design gallery and discover endless personalization possibilities. Your next brand-aligned masterpiece awaits.

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Event poster templates

From festivals and music gigs to farmers’ markets and cultural celebrations, VistaPrint offers a diverse selection of template designs to perfectly capture the essence of your event. No matter what you’re planning, our templates are guaranteed to grab attention and attract the crowds your event deserves.

Event poster template

Looking for a versatile event poster template that pops with color? This eye-catching design combines a minimalist layout with a vibrant color palette, making it the perfect canvas for expressing the unique identity of your event.

  • Use it for: Markets, festivals, fairs and openings
  • Why it works: The clear and colorful illustrations and fonts communicate a fun and engaging event, while the versatile template can be adapted to different event types
  • Spice it up: Use custom illustrations or insert graphics and logos but keep the design simple
An event poster template featuring bright colors and an illustration of a sun

A generic event poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Business event template

This geometric black and white design combines graphics and photography, making it ideal for attracting audiences to your business event.

  • Use it for: Talks, exhibitions, pop-ups, sales, openings and conferences
  • Why it works: The use of different kinds of imagery and space for a QR code make the template appeal to professionals and older audiences while maintaining a dynamic and visually appealing design
  • Spice it up: Insert a photograph relevant to your event topic and change the colors depending on what you want to convey with your poster
Black and white event poster template with geometric graphics and photography

A business event poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Food festival poster template

Looking for a poster to promote your upcoming food-related event? This fun design featuring simple illustrations and bold fonts might just draw the crowds you want.

  • Use it for: Food festivals, markets and pop-ups
  • Why it works: Simple yet bold outline drawings, block colors and upper case fonts will draw eyes and attract people of all ages
  • Spice it up: Add vendor names and logos or insert different illustrations to customize the template for your food event
A food festival poster template with illustrations of food and drinks

A food festival poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Talk or workshop poster template

Looking for a poster to promote an upcoming talk, workshop or industry event? This modern design featuring simple illustrations and fonts will appeal to specific audiences.

  • Use it for: Design or furniture brand events such as talks, trade shows or workshops
  • Why it works: Simple outline drawings of furniture and a block color background will attract an industry-specific crowd to your event
  • Spice it up: Add company logos or insert different illustrations to customize the template for your event. Change the color to convey certain feelings and messages
Yellow event poster template with illustrations of furniture

An industry-specific event poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Art show poster template

This event poster template features bold colorful graphics and fonts on a white background.

  • Use it for: Art shows, fairs, exhibitions and pop-ups
  • Why it works: Bright graphics and unique fonts appeal to a design or art crowd. The clear yet dynamic layout makes the text pop, grabbing attention
  • Spice it up: Change colors to suit the tone of your event. Add social media handles or a QR code for extra information
Art show poster template featuring colorful graphics

An art show poster template with colorful graphics found in the VistaPrint gallery

Pop-up or fashion event poster template

This versatile event poster template features abstract lines overlapping a bold photograph on a white background.

  • Use it for: Fashion pop-ups, product launches or music events
  • Why it works: The combination of photography, color accents and graphics make the image stand out, drawing the viewer’s eye in with a simple yet dynamic layout. Adaptable for different uses
  • Spice it up: Customize colors to suit the tone of your event. Add a QR code and social media handles but keep text minimal
Cool event poster template featuring a bright photograph

 A versatile event poster template with a bright photograph found in the VistaPrint gallery

Farmers’ market poster template

Looking to draw crowds to an organic fair or farmers’ market? This illustrated poster design features colorful illustrated produce and white text that pop on a sleek black background.

  • Use it for: Promoting markets selling fresh produce, from small community gatherings to larger-scale events
  • Why it works: Bright illustrations grab attention, while black adds sophistication. The clear layout and approachable fonts appeal to all kinds of audiences
  • Spice it up: Add vendor logos and calls to action e.g. “Shop fresh. Support local.” Insert a simple photograph or map so people know where to find you
Farmers’ market poster template featuring colorful illustrated fruit and vegetables

A farmers’ market poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Music festival poster template

This captivating 70s-inspired poster design is ideal for promoting a music festival or event, as well as creating eye-catching signage and promotional materials for the festival grounds or venue.

  • Use it for: Music festival or event promotion and signage
  • Why it works: The dreamlike retro illustrations and Art Nouveau fonts invite viewers to imagine themselves immersed in a unique and sensory-rich musical experience
  • Spice it up: Add artist silhouettes in the artwork. Swap the amplifier and guitar strings out for something else to promote a different type of event. Change the font for a more timeless look
A colorful poster to promote a music festival

A music festival poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Retail poster templates

Grand opening poster template 

Looking for a poster to promote your new business opening? This subtle poster design employs impactful photography and a graphic background to notify potential customers.

  • Use it for: Retail space openings, product launches, workshops or to announce a sale
  • Why it works: The photographs stand out on a simple background with a digestible layout and readable fonts
  • Spice it up: Insert your recent product shots and include a discount code to attract new customers. Add handles for socials so customers know where to find you
Grand opening poster template with photographs of jewelry

A grand opening poster template for a jewelry brand found in the VistaPrint gallery

Sale poster template

This graphic poster design uses colorful Matisse-inspired cutouts to notify customers about a sale.

  • Use it for: Sales, workshops, classes or to promote a special offer
  • Why it works: The bold graphics on a pale background and minimalist layout direct the viewer’s eye to the details contained in the text
  • Spice it up: Include a discount code and links to your social media channels. Change colors to fit with your brand identity
Sale poster template with a Matisse-inspired cutout design

A farmers’ market poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

New arrivals poster template

Looking for a retail poster template to announce new arrivals to product lines or stock? This simple black-and-white design packs a punch with a minimalist layout.

  • Use it for: Announcing and promoting a new retail collection or sale
  • Why it works: The custom design font, use of photography and contrasting colors catch attention effectively
  • Spice it up: Change the colors for a non-monochromatic design and replace the photograph with a shot promoting your recently-launched products
A retail poster template announcing new arrivals

A new arrivals poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Retail sale poster template

This retail poster template features photography and a unique font to promote a product sale.

  • Use it for: Promoting a product sale, such as cosmetics, accessories or homeware
  • Why it works: Eye-catching colors, background and font attract attention to an upcoming sale
  • Spice it up: Replace the photograph with your best product shots, using contrast and shadow to make them stand out. Change the color scheme to appeal to a specific audience or target customer
A cosmetics retail poster template announcing a sale

A beauty product sale poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Retail promotion poster template

Looking for a retail poster template to promote an upcoming special offer? This simple design uses large text to easily grab attention.

  • Use it for: Promoting a discount, special offer or sale
  • Why it works: Bright colors, bold text, a simple graphic and a minimalist layout is easy to read and eye-catching
  • Spice it up: Change the color scheme to appeal to a specific audience or target customer-base
A pink retail poster template announcing discounts

Retail poster template announcing a special offer found in the VistaPrint gallery

Business poster templates

In the corporate world, appearances matter. That’s why our sleek and sophisticated business poster templates are designed to elevate your brand and leave a lasting impression. From conservative to modern styles, VistaPrint has your business covered with poster designs that exude professionalism.

You can choose between different posters with varying tones depending on your type of business and your target audience. Explore VistaPrint’s curated collection of business poster templates designed to elevate and attract attention to your brand. 

Modern craft business poster template

This creative poster template communicates an on-trend brand, perfect for small businesses focusing on crafts or community workshops.

  • Use it for: Informing the local area about the services your business provides
  • Why it works: The simple yet modern design using earthy muted tones, organic shapes and illustrations of leaves tells customers your company is craft-based, eco-conscious and community-led
  • Spice it up: Swap out the photographs and include a special discount for new customers
A modern poster design template for small business

A craft business poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Sleek corporate business poster template

The design ensures a sleek and professional look, perfect for corporate branding.

  • Use it for: From letting potential customers know about your new business to announcing promotions
  • Why it works: This approach contributes to a modern and sophisticated aesthetic, appealing to a broad client base
  • Spice it up: Swap out the photo, text and add your logo to personalize it for your specific needs. Incorporate quotes, slogans, testimonials or special offers for new clients
A sleek and simple template for professionals

A business poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Modern corporate business poster template

The combination of modern design elements and earthy tones stands out from the crowd, making your poster memorable to potential clients.

  • Use it for: Communicating your brand to new audiences and explaining the services you offer
  • Why it works: The use of brown evokes feelings of trust, reliability and connection with nature, resonating with a broad business audience. The prominent image grabs attention and creates a dynamic first impression
  • Spice it up: Swap out the photo and add your logo to personalize it to your business. Incorporate quotes, slogans, testimonials or a special offer for new clients
A modern and simple poster template for businesses

A modern business poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

QR code poster template

The simple poster design featuring a QR code and clear instructions does the job of directing audiences to a website or page.

  • Use it for: Directing potential customers or clients toward your social media channel, business website or a specific page, such as a product page
  • Why it works: The simple design with a limited color palette and central QR code clearly instructs the viewer what to do
  • Spice it up: Insert your QR code, instructions, logo and brand colors to personalize it to your business
A QR code poster template for businesses

A QR code poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Employee recruitment poster template

This engaging design announcing the company is looking for new staff is dynamic yet professional, guaranteed to appeal to prospective employees

  • Use it for: Announcing a search for new company hires and recruiting purposes
  • Why it works: This modern design featuring outer space graphics and intriguing colors presents your business as an appealing and forward-thinking place to work
  • Spice it up: Add your company logo and a QR code directing viewers to the relevant web page where they can apply. Change fonts and color scheme depending on the age group you want to attract applications from
A ‘now hiring’ recruitment poster template for businesses

An employee recruitment poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Customer appreciation poster template

Express sincere appreciation to your valued customers with this customizable template. Choose from various options to convey your gratitude, offer exciting incentives and engage them in meaningful ways.

  • Use it for: Special occasions, to boost customer loyalty or generate positive brand sentiment
  • Why it works: The bright block background and contrasting font colors create a visually striking poster that stands out from the crowd. The star, thumbs-up and smiley-face heart icons instantly convey positive emotions and reinforce the poster’s message of appreciation
  • Spice it up: Encourage customers to share photos or stories about their experiences using a unique hashtag and offer a prize for the most creative entry. Change the colors to reflect your brand identity
A loyalty discount and customer appreciation poster template

A customer appreciation poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Education and children’s poster templates

Educational posters are valuable tools for classrooms, childcare facilities and tutoring centers. Our specially crafted templates cater to various educational purposes, from promoting learning resources to promoting educational events. Elevate your educational materials with designs tailored to your specific needs.

Be conscious of the age your poster should appeal to when choosing your education poster template, as different template design elements are more appropriate for younger or older children. 

Elementary school poster template 

This classic yet modern poster template has an engaging design with letters made from school supplies.

  • Use it for: Announcing school programs and events or promoting tutoring services
  • Why it works: The dark background channels the familiarity of a school blackboard and the child-friendly graphics are engaging and fun, appealing to the intended audience. The recognizable objects in the letters spark children’s imagination and connect them to the concept of learning
  • Spice it up: Add text that appeals to both children and their parents. Don’t overcomplicate the design so as not to sacrifice simplicity and readability
A children’s educational poster template featuring school supplies as letters

A children’s educational poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Early childhood and childcare poster template

This kid-friendly illustration depicts three children from diverse backgrounds standing together on a vibrant green lawn under a clear blue sky. The cartoon conveys a sense of joy, optimism and carefree childhood fun.

  • Use it for: Early childhood education centers and childcare services
  • Why it works: The group of children fosters a sense of inclusivity and resonates with a wide audience
  • Spice it up: Incorporate elements that represent specific learning activities or childcare services offered
An elementary school or childcare themed poster template

A children’s childcare poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Kids craft workshops poster template

Looking for a fun poster design to bring children to an arts and crafts workshop or class? Customize this template to engage young people and their parents.

  • Use it for: Education centers, childcare services, play sessions and crafts workshops
  • Why it works: The colorful graphics, bold fonts and use of impactful photography will draw younger audiences
  • Spice it up: Insert your own photograph displaying your services and use age-appropriate colors
A crafts poster template appropriate for children and teenagers

A craft workshop poster template appropriate for children and teenagers found in the VistaPrint gallery

School camp poster template

Spark excitement for a children’s trip, workshop, class or event with this easy-to-customize poster template!

  • Use it for: Announcing upcoming school camp dates and locations or other kids’ events and trips
  • Why it works: Eye-catching and kid-friendly colors and visuals with a clear information layout
  • Spice it up: Encourage early registration with a discount. Link to a website with detailed information with a QR Code
 A bright and clear template to spark excitement for the next school camp

A school camp poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

Children’s company poster template

Poster with eye-catching graphics and a bright color palette to promote a children’s company or service sale.

  • Use it for: Announcing special offers or discounts for kids retail or promoting tutoring services for children and young adults
  • Why it works: The bright colors, cartoonish style and playful illustrations will likely grab attention, especially among younger audiences. The bold animal illustrations and bright colors appeal to younger audiences
  • Spice it up: Include a voucher with a discount code and a QR code for more information
A vibrant and fun template that will appeal to children and the youth

A children’s poster template found in the VistaPrint gallery

How to customize poster templates for best results

Creating a visually striking poster requires careful consideration of design, layout and formatting choices. From selecting the right dimensions and file type to maintaining brand consistency and utilizing whitespace effectively, our tips ensure your poster stands out from the crowd.

Custom design tips: Adding your personal touch to templates

  • Play with color combinations: Experiment with bold color combinations to make your poster pop. Check out these 33 beautiful color combinations for insights on choosing a palette.
  • Typography tricks for impact: Master the art of typography to convey your message effectively. This write-up on typography design 101 has some valuable tips. Be sure to check out this font trends article too!
  • Whitespace wonders: Embrace the power of whitespace for a clean and impactful design. Check out these 590+ whitespace designs for some ideas.
  • Branding brilliance: Understand the importance of branding in your poster. Check out the VistaPrint blog, which shares insights about the brand identity prism. We also recommend taking a look at the guide on how to create a brand style.
  • Collaborate with a designer: Hire a professional to design your poster through 99designs by Vista to guarantee design excellence.

Layout guidelines every poster should stick to

  • Embrace simplicity: Ditch the clutter! Strive for a clean and uncluttered design that draws the eye effortlessly. Imagine your poster displayed in a busy environment – can viewers grasp the message within seconds? Think minimalist, focusing on essential elements without sacrificing impact. Think of Apple’s iconic product launch posters; simple images paired with powerful taglines, instantly understood by a global audience.
  • Clear hierarchy: Visual storytelling isn’t just about aesthetics; your poster’s layout is s visual map, guiding viewers through your message. Employ a clear hierarchy of information in a logical order, prioritizing key elements such as your company name, important details and call to action. Think of it as a pyramid, with the most important elements occupying the prominent top position, progressively leading viewers down to supporting information. Use font sizes, contrasting colors, visual cues and even whitespace to create a natural flow, leading the eye where you want it to go. Remember, visual chaos breeds confusion and attention spans are short, so prioritize clarity and make your message instantly digestible.
  • Eye-catching headlines: Your headline is the first impression, the attention-grabbing siren song that lures viewers in. Use bold fonts, concise language and clear benefits to pique interest and convey your key message within seconds. Imagine walking past a sea of posters; yours needs to stand out with a headline that instantly sparks curiosity and compels viewers to take a closer look.
  • Clever use of color: Color is a powerful tool that can set the mood, evoke emotions and guide viewers’ eyes through your poster. Don’t choose colors randomly, employ them strategically to create a visual hierarchy. Use brighter, bolder colors for headlines and key elements, while reserving subtler tones for supporting information. Research color trends and remember color psychology plays a role too – consider the emotions you want to evoke and choose colors that align with your brand identity.
  • Strategic use of white space: Don’t be afraid of empty space! Strategic use of white space provides visual breathing room, preventing your poster from looking cluttered and overwhelming. It enhances readability, draws attention to key elements and creates a sense of balance and professionalism. Think of white space as the canvas’ air, allowing your design elements to breathe and communicate your message effectively.
  • Engaging imagery: Images are often the first thing viewers register, so use high-quality photographs and designs that complement your message and resonate with your target audience. Don’t rely on generic stock photos; opt for visually engaging images that are personal to your brand. Your imagery should tell a story, evoke an emotion and reinforce your poster’s message.
  • Brand consistency: Your poster should sing your brand’s anthem, loud and clear. Incorporate your brand colors and logo seamlessly into the design, creating instant brand recognition. Think beyond colors; consider incorporating custom brand fonts, patterns, or even mascots if relevant. Your poster should not be an outlier; it should feel like a cohesive part of your overall brand identity, reinforcing your message across all marketing materials. Consistency isn’t just about individual poster elements, but maintaining a consistent visual style across all your marketing materials. Imagine encountering posters, social media posts and website banners that all speak different design languages. It’s confusing, right? By maintaining a consistent visual style, you create a unified brand experience, fostering trust and recognition among your audience. Think of it as creating a harmonious visual choir, where each element sings the same tune, amplifying your brand message.

Formatting tips to create VistaPrint-approved posters

These guidelines will help you to create posters that attract audiences and retain a professional image:

  • Dimensions: Choose recommended poster sizes between 11″ x 17″ and 24″ x 36″ depending on display purposes
  • File type: Save your poster in widely supported formats such as PDF or JPEG 
  • Print resolution: Upload images and designs to templates that are at least 300 ppi and a minimum print resolution of 300 dpi for a clear and crisp poster print quality
  • Color mode: Use CMYK color mode for accurate color representation in print. Avoid RGB to prevent color variations during the printing process

Mastering the art of poster design

Throughout this guide, we’ve explored the essential elements of effective poster design, including the importance of choosing the right templates, incorporating design principles and utilizing the appropriate tools. By following these key points, you can create posters that capture attention, communicate your brand message effectively and leave an impression on your target audience.

While templates provide a valuable starting point for poster design, customization allows you to tailor your posters to your specific business needs, preferences and audiences. Whether modifying colors, fonts or layouts, personalizing your posters can help them stand out and reflect your unique style and brand identity.

Looking for something truly unique and custom-designed? Explore 99designs by Vista for access to a global community of talented designers who can bring your vision to life. Whether you need a poster for a special event, a new product launch or a marketing campaign, 99designs by Vista offers a range of design options to suit your needs and budget.

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