Great brochure examples to promote your business

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Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, crafting brochures that inspire and empower takes a little creativity and a sprinkle of inspiration. That’s where we come in! We’ve gathered a collection of brochure examples, from classic tri-folds to interactive adventures, to spark your imagination and get your design juices flowing.

Dive into this treasure trove of inspiration and get ready to make a brochure that’s as unique and awesome as your business. Your brochures are an extension of your brand, so let your personality shine through and connect with people on a human level. After all, who wants to do business with a robot?

Why do brochures still rock?

Brochures are like portable billboards. They hand out key information about your products or services directly to your target audience. With captivating design and clear messaging, they can:

  • Showcase your awesomeness: Highlight your best features, benefits and promotions and influence buying decisions in a flash.
  • Reach a wider audience: Distribute them strategically at events, conferences or targeted mailings to expand your reach and boost brand awareness.
  • Personalized touch: Brochures offer a tangible way to connect with potential customers—they leave a lasting impression that resonates beyond the digital space.

The secret sauce of a stellar brochure:

  • Speak their language: Keep your message clear and concise so potential customers can easily understand what you offer.
  • Snatch their gaze: Use eye-catching visuals, colors and layouts to turn heads and keep them hooked.
  • Think outside the box: To stand out from the crowd, don’t be afraid to experiment with unique design elements.
  • Size matters: Choose the right brochure size (trifold, A4 or A5) to display your message effectively.

Get inspired with these stunning brochure examples

There are many ways to present your brand authentically, connect with your audience and leave a memorable impression with your brochure. Here are different examples of brochures with all the key elements of a great design.

Classic trifold 

This timeless format keeps things organized and user-friendly. It delivers information in a way that resonates with your audience.

Brochure example: Classic trifold brochure design

Source: design by FutursticBug via 99designs by Vista

Die-cut delights 

Make your brochure unforgettable with unique shapes and cutouts that add a touch of whimsy and intrigue. 

Brochure example: Die-cut brochure with geometric shapes

Source: design by YaseenArt via 99designs by Vista

Interactive adventures 

QR codes, augmented reality and other interactive elements create an engaging experience that keeps readers hooked. 

Brochure example with QR code

Source: design by giekstrave via 99designs by Vista

Minimalist magic 

Embrace clean lines and white space for a sophisticated look that enhances readability and showcases your brand with elegance. 

Minimalist brochure design example

Source: design by Terry Bogard via 99designs by Vista

Handmade illustrations 

Include hand-drawn illustrations to infuse your brochure with personality and charm. This unique touch reflects your brand’s character and creates a lasting impression on your audience.

brochure example with illustrations

Source: design by Luz Viera Studio via 99designs by Vista

Product extravaganza 

Showcase your products or services with high-quality images and enticing descriptions that make people want to learn more. 

Brochure showcasing products

Source: design by Priti▼ via 99designs by Vista

Bold and beautiful 

Striking typography grabs attention and conveys your message with impact.

Brochure example with bold typography

Source: design by Bella. via 99designs by Vista

Nostalgic vibes 

Channel vintage charm with retro-inspired graphics and layouts.

Vintage-inspired brochure design example

Source: design by Rudvan via 99designs by Vista

Map it out 

Create user-friendly guides for your business location or key points of interest. 

Brochure example with map

Source: design by Luz Viera Studio via 99designs by Vista

Event program brochure 

Craft an event program brochure that guides attendees on an unforgettable journey. In your brochure, present schedules, performer profiles, venue maps and other essential information in a clear and visually engaging way.

Event program brochure with festival details

Source: design by kzine via 99designs by Vista

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Geometric shapes brochure 

Bold geometric shapes and patterns create a modern and eye-catching brochure. This approach adds visual interest and reflects a contemporary aesthetic.

Brochure design with geometric shapes

Source: design by DolphinArt via 99designs by Vista

Bi-fold brochure 

Opt for a bi-fold brochure that unfolds into a poster—showcase large-scale visuals and impactful statements that instantly grab attention.

Bi-fold brochure unfolded into a poster

Source: design by velvetmade via 99designs by Vista

Travel-inspired design 

With a travel-themed brochure, take your audience on a virtual adventure. Capture the spirit of exploration with captivating imagery, evocative typography and travel-related design elements.

brochure example for travel and tour

Source: design by Applefresh via 99designs by Vista

Infographic brochure 

Present complex information in a clear and engaging way with an infographic brochure. Break down information into easily digestible chunks with data visualizations, charts and icons.

Infographic brochure with data visualizations

Source: design by glimmm via 99designs by Vista

Monochromatic brochure 

Create a sleek and sophisticated look with a monochromatic color scheme—variations of a single color convey a sense of harmony and unity.

a single color that conveys a sense of harmony and unity for a minimal brochure example

Source: design by mergel via 99designs by Vista

Luxurious brochure

This example showcases high-end products like luxury liners and inserts. For more ideas, check out our elegant brochure templates, where more luxurious brochure designs are available.

Monochromatic brochure design example

Source: design by RELKHARAC via 99designs by Vista

Square brochure 

Depart from the traditional rectangular shape. Square brochures offer a unique and modern aesthetic that stands out from the crowd and makes a memorable impression. 

Square brochure example

Source: design by RELKHARAC via 99designs by Vista

Fold-out menu brochure 

Design a brochure that doubles as a menu. Showcase mouthwatering visuals of your cuisine while customers explore your offerings. 

brochure example of fold-out menu

Source: design by Rose ❋ via 99designs by Vista

Bringing your vision to life

Brochures act as welcoming ambassadors, fostering meaningful connections between your business and its potential customers. Embrace authenticity, incorporate creative flair and maintain practicality to craft brochures that resonate deeply with your target audience and propel your brand to new heights. So, let’s embark on this collaborative design journey and spread joy—one captivating brochure at a time.

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