Promotional Materials

Ideas and tips for creating outstanding promotional materials, from stickers and flyers to postcards and mugs.

hand holding colorful flyer in front of colorful display

What is a flyer? The ultimate guide to flyers

​​Print marketing offers a wide array of tools, but one has stood the test of time: the flyer. This versatile, […]

Digital sticker designs on a laptop scree

Digital stickers: How to make digital stickers and use them effectively

Digital stickers are the small graphics you’ll find on various social platforms and digital tools. You can use digital stickers […]

Postcard in Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Color of the Year 2024

How to write a postcard

In an era dominated by digital communication, why do we need to know how to write a postcard? The charm […]

The 50 best postcard fonts: How to choose a postcard font

Postcards have come a long way and not just in a geographical sense. What began as novelty travel souvenirs has […]

poster for opening sign

Guide to standard poster sizes: The best dimensions for your poster project

Standard poster sizes are much more than just numbers and measurements. Like all design considerations, dimensions are chosen for a […]

rolled up, colorful poster design

The fundamentals of poster layout: effective poster design and templates

The best poster layout is one you don’t notice because it guides all attention to the content and message. It […]

colorful promotional items for small business called Mush

Small business promotional items to get your logo printed on

Small business promotional items are usually branded with a logo, name or slogan. Their purpose is to promote a business—and […]

Promotional gift idea: customized glassware

Unique promotional gift ideas for your one-of-a-kind business

Promotional gifts are items given to customers, employees or collaborators as a reward. They can be for any achievement: celebrating […]

Promotional items at a trade show

What are promotional products? And how to get the most out of promotional items

Promotional products, aka merchandise, swag or branded items, can be many different things. Imagine pens, mugs, notepads and other items […]

cap design idea with name embroidered on back

Inspiring hat design ideas to promote your business

Hats can be stylish, useful and fun. Most importantly, they are a great marketing tool for your business; a highly […]

27 company swag ideas and why they work

Today, in a shift away from inexpensive, disposable giveaway products, many brands are embracing useful, meaningful company swag ideas that […]

Underlovings logo design

The 10 best print-on-demand products in 2024

The print-on-demand (POD) industry is booming—anyone with creative ideas can turn them into products without the hassle of managing inventory. […]

60+ best fonts for flyers and brochures

For a flyer or brochure to be successful, it needs an eye-catching design, compelling message and well-chosen flyer or brochure […]

marketing collateral example of customer being greeted at branded store front

What is marketing collateral? 15 types for your small business

It might be everywhere but what is marketing collateral, exactly? From website design and logos to product packaging and the […]

11 unique sticker ideas from functional to cute

In a world where individuality reigns supreme, unique sticker ideas have emerged as the ultimate form of personal expression. These […]

Great brochure examples to promote your business

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, crafting brochures that inspire and empower takes a little creativity and […]

stickers for packaging products

How to make stickers: Essentials for design, print, and use

Stickers aren’t just fun, they’re also an inexpensive key to marketing—think about how many stickers you’ve seen promoting political and […]

Best poster templates for 2024

In today’s visually driven world, posters stand as beacons of communication, capable of capturing attention and conveying messages instantly. From […]

How to make labels for your business

As you browse your local store searching for the perfect snack, a label captures your attention with its vibrant colors […]

Brown paper bag with branded flyer, brochure and business cards laid out on table

Flyer vs brochure vs pamphlet: what’s the difference?

People often highlight the discrepancies between the terms flyer, brochure and pamphlet. But these three marketing materials are so similar […]

Candle product and packaging designed with custom sticker

How to print stickers: everything you need to know about sticker printing

Stickers are a fun and tangible way to bring your brand to life; there’s nothing more satisfying than peeling and […]

pastel stickers and labels on small business' paper product packaging

What you want to know about types of stickers for small business

Stickers are essential marketing materials, like business cards; these little marvels can even redefine your marketing strategy. Whether you’re featuring […]

person carrying pile of multicolored t-shirts

Types of printing on t-shirts: 8 methods to perfect your print

To print a design on a t-shirt, all you need these days is a digital file and an internet connection. […]

woman walking past window of posters

How to hang a poster

Hanging a poster seems simple, but is it really? It’s not difficult, but it might involve more consideration than you […]