Holiday gift basket ideas for small business clients

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Building relationships is a huge part of the business world – and during the holiday season, corporate gift baskets are a great way to thank people for their continued support. Sending a holiday gift basket to customers, clients or business partners is a thoughtful and much-appreciated gesture. It reinforces relationships, makes you stand out from your competition and keeps you top of mind – your clients are sure to think of you whenever they reach for one of the goodies you’ve bundled into your basket.

Here, learn how to assemble a memorable gift basket – and get inspired with 20+ creative ideas of what to put in a gift basket.

  1. Make it personal.
  2. Keep timing in mind.
  3. Decide who gets a gift basket.
  4. Get creative with gift basket ideas.

1. Make it personal.

Corporate gift baskets are a great opportunity to get creative with your branding. When you’re putting together a holiday gift basket, you should try to match the type or style of basket to the people who’ll be receiving it. So, think about the department or group that’s going to be getting the gift. Are they a wine and cheese crowd? Maybe they’re more into chocolate and candy. Are they always chatting about pop culture? Or, do they all rave about how much they’d love a day at the spa? 

Ask your employees or team members if they have any insights based on interactions or conversations they’ve had. It’s never a bad thing to reference an inside joke or something personal that you’ve connected over. After all, who wouldn’t love a funny personalized tee or a mousepad designed with the punchline from an inside joke?

2. Keep timing in mind.

It seems obvious that you’d like your holiday corporate gift basket to arrive right in time for the holidays. But this might not be the best idea – you may want to send your gift a little ahead of time to make sure that everyone is still in the office. For the holiday season, early December is probably your best bet. Not many people have taken time off at this point, so everyone should be there to unwrap and enjoy the goodies you’ve sent along.

VistaPrint Tip

Gift baskets aren’t just for the Christmas season! Sending a corporate gift basket for holidays like Independence Day or Halloween are great ways to make a memorable impact on your customers.

3. Decide who gets a gift basket.

You likely do business with a lot of different individuals, groups or departments. Make sure you think about how many people your gift basket could cater to. Otherwise, people might not only get left out, but it might seem like you’re giving a generic gift, impersonal gift. For example, you wouldn’t want to send a gift basket with snacks for 10 people to a group of 50. And on the flip side, it’s never a bad idea to include a little extra…it’ll make you look that much more thoughtful and generous.

If you don’t have room in your budget to send a gift basket to *everyone* on your client list, prioritize customers who have stuck with you the longest, or the ones who consistently come back to do business with you. Show appreciation for newer customers with something more wallet-friendly, like a holiday card.

4. Get creative with gift basket ideas.

Now, it’s time to decide what to put in the gift basket. You can always go on a little shopping spree of your own to come up with something special – check with makers in your area to find some truly special gift basket-sized goodies.

From tasty treats to self-care products, here are 12 ideas of that to put in a corporate gift basket:

  1. Candy and chocolate
  2. Cheese and crackers (add a board so they can DIY a charcuterie spread!)
  3. Local wine, beer or spirits
  4. Bath and body care products
  5. A photo puzzle
  6. Golf accessories
  7. Custom coffee mugs (bonus points for a bag of coffee beans or loose leaf tea!)
  8. Personalized Christmas ornaments
  9. A branded tote bag (roll it up and tie it with a ribbon!)
  10. A customized mousepad
  11. A 2023 desk calendar
  12. Personalized drinkware