How to create a standout storefront

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Summer is the perfect time for window shopping. And while that’s true every year, it’s especially true this year. Since COVID-19-related restrictions have lifted, more people are out, about and ready to shop. With so many shoppers on the street, now is the perfect time to revamp your retail storefront design and create a standout storefront that grabs your ideal customers’ attention, draws them into your store and, ultimately, inspires them to get shopping.

But what exactly do you need to create a storefront window design that attracts customers—and drives sales for your retail business?

1. Retractable banners

No storefront design would be complete without a retractable banner. A retractable banner is an incredibly versatile tool for retailers; not only do they strengthen your branding, but thanks to their high quality level, they’re a marketing item you can use for years to come. And because they’re on the larger side, customers can easily see them when they’re passing by, even from a distance.


Design your banner in a way that feels in line with your brand—so make sure to use your brand color palette and feature your logo prominently. Need design help? 99designs by Vistaprint can help! Connect with designers and get your brand design started today.

2. Window decals

Your storefront design needs to be visually interesting to grab customers. But it also needs to be functional, giving customers the information they need to make their shopping decisions. And a great way to bridge those two needs? Decals.

A decal of you store logo is a great way to add visual interest and strengthen your branding. But decals also serve a functional purpose, allowing you to share key information with potential customers (like your store hours, contact information, and social media handles). They’re the best of both worlds—and a must have for your storefront design.

3. Posters

Got an event coming up? Planning a big sale? Preparing to debut a new clothing or accessories line? Design some branded posters and place them prominently in your storefront display to draw in customers and get them interested and into the store. Add a QR code to the poster design so they can get details about your store (and whatever the poster is promoting) right on their phone.

Tips to transform your storefront into a customer magnet

Display a variety of products…

Every person that walks by your store is a potential new customer. But to draw those potential customers into your store, you need to give them a preview of what they’ll find once they’re inside. In other words, make your merchandise a key part of your storefront design.

Choose a variety of popular products that will give customers an overview of the items you sell in your store. If you run a clothing boutique, showcase a few tops and accessories on a table visible from the window—or dress a mannequin in an on-brand outfit.

…but don’t make things too cluttered.

You want to give customers a solid overview of your merchandise. But if you try to fit every product in your store into your storefront display, it’s going to look cluttered and visually overwhelming—and rather than deal with the mess, customers may choose to walk right by. Plus, don’t you want to leave a few surprises for them once they’re inside?

When designing your storefront display, keep things simple and streamlined. Showcase your products and your marketing collateral, but also leave plenty of blank space so your display doesn’t feel overwhelming.

Create a cohesive design.

If you want your storefront to draw in customers, it needs to feel like one cohesive design. If all the different elements are competing, it could feel confusing to your customers—and can send them shopping elsewhere.

Make sure that each element in your storefront design fits into the overall design. For example, if you have multiple posters and banners on display, make sure the font and color palette matches your logo decal and overall branding. If you’re displaying different clothing items, make sure to choose colors and patterns that don’t clash or compete. The more cohesive your storefront design, the more attractive it will be to potential customers—and the more likely it is that they’ll come inside to shop.

Print logo stickers.

As mentioned, you’ll want to have a decal of your logo in your storefront design. But why not give customers a piece of your store to take home with them? Print smaller stickers of your logo and give them to customers when they make a purchase. It’s a win-win; your customer gets a cute (and free!) sticker to put on their laptop or water bottle—and you get another opportunity to get your retail branding out into the world!


When it comes to creating a cohesive storefront design, don’t forget about your electronic storefront. Create a consistent brand experience for your customers by matching your website design with the look and feel of your storefront.

Start on the sidewalk.

Another great way to draw in potential shoppers is with a sidewalk sign. Placing an A-frame or chalkboard sign in the front of the store will catch people’s attention as they’re approaching your store (even if they’re down the street!)—and by the time they arrive, they’ll be eager to check out your display and head inside.

Design your store in a way that promotes safety and social distancing.

Your storefront can draw customers in—but if they don’t feel safe or comfortable once they’re inside, they’re going to leave. Even though restrictions are being lifted, make sure you’re setting up your store in a way that allows for social distancing (as some shoppers may still feel wary of getting up close and personal with strangers). Your customers will appreciate being able to shop safely, and with peace of mind.

Storefront must-haves

  1. Retractable banners
  2. Decals
  3. Posters
  4. QR codes to share store, event and promotion details
  5. A selection of your best products
  6. An uncluttered space
  7. A cohesive design
  8. A socially distanced store design