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Mobile Photo Transfer Feature for Photo Books

Effortlessly transfer your photos from mobile to desktop with just a quick scan of a QR code and say goodbye to time-consuming uploads! Our new mobile photo transfer makes it easier than ever to create a beautiful photo book with ease.

We’re excited to introduce our new mobile photo transfer feature – the quickest way to get your photos right where you want them in a matter of moments. We all know the drill. Your camera roll is bursting with memories that you want to share and celebrate: baby’s first steps, impromptu garden picnics, or lazy days soaking up the sun with those you love most. Yet, moving those digital keepsakes into a photo book can sometimes come with a few technical hitches. With our cutting-edge mobile photo transfer feature, those days are behind us.

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What is the mobile photo transfer feature?

Creating a photo book should be a smooth experience from start to finish. And now, with our new mobile photo transfer feature, it's never been easier.

Available on the desktop editor for both Mac and Windows, with just a click and a quick scan of a QR code, you can seamlessly transfer photos from your mobile device and those of your friends or family – provided you’re all on the same Wi-Fi network.

Combine this with the intuitive design tools of our desktop editor, and you have a photo book creation process that’s simple and fun.

Five Simple Steps to Transferring your Photos

No wires, cables or USB drives needed: with our innovative feature, moving all your memories from your mobile to our desktop editor is a breeze. Check out how with these five simple steps.

1. Download the desktop editor for photo books. 
Get our premier desktop editor from the product page for photo books: Photo books

2. Click on the Mobile photos transfer button within the editor. 

IMAGE 1.jpg

IMAGE 2.jpg

3. Stay connected.

Ensure your mobile and desktop are on the same Wi-Fi network, then scan the QR code displayed in the editor with your mobile. 

IMAGE 3.jpg

4. Choose and transfer.

Select your favorite photos and then click Upload

IMAGE 4.jpg

IMAGE 5.jpg

5. All set!

Your photos are now in the desktop editor, ready for immediate use or saved for future projects. 


Why use the mobile photo transfer feature?

Whether you make multiple photo books a year or you’re in the process of creating your very first, a simple QR code scan zips your photos right where you need them.

Faster uploads mean more time for the fun stuff: diving into your photo book design, getting creative with layouts, and weaving together the stories that make your photo book truly yours.

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