Digital Marketing

These days, digital marketing is just as important as traditional print marketing. From your website layout to email newsletters and social media posts, digital marketing is a cost-effective way for small businesses to boost brand awareness and attract new customers. Here, find digital marketing tips and expert advice for your small business. 

Digital advertising 101: beginner’s guide to advertising online

It’s hard to believe that the early internet excluded commerce. Nowadays, the internet is the backbone of industry, making it […]

A small business owner reads Google reviews on a laptop

Get Googled: How to get Google reviews to boost your local SEO

The last time you were in the mood for a new dining experience, you probably whipped out your phone and […]

Woman scans an event QR code with her smartphone

How event QR codes can enhance your customer connections

A sea of people are streaming through the event doors and past your booth. You want to attract, engage and […]

5 simple steps for promoting an e-commerce business

You’re just about ready to launch your new online retail shop with all your beautiful, curated products (congrats!). But, how […]

A business owner reviews website designs on a laptop.

Which types of websites and layouts are best for your business?

As a small business owner, you know your website is a direct reflection of your brand. And with 9 out […]

Best digital marketing courses

The 10 best digital marketing courses 2023 has to offer

Want to make more sales? Then it’s time to take a few digital marketing courses. No matter what you’re selling, […]

14 social media hacks for small businesses

Whether you’re a social media addict or a hesitant acceptor of its powers, one thing remains true: it’s not going […]

Four major forms of social media advertising—and which platforms support them

If your customers are on social media—and let’s face it, they are—your brand’s ads need to be on social media. […]

25 social media content ideas for small brands

Social media has become one of the most powerful digital tools for the modern enterprise. Unfortunately, it is also challenging […]

How to increase your social media reach

Organic social media reach refers to the number of people who see a given piece of content organically—without paid promotion. […]

9 social media tools to create and manage your content

Having the right social media tools helps you build brand awareness, contact customers, drive traffic and even help to sell […]

Best & worst digital marketing campaigns of all time

The best & worst digital marketing campaigns of all time

The best ever digital marketing campaigns leverage the personal aspects of social media, the emotional connections of visual art and […]

Ultimate guide to email marketing

Email marketing: the ultimate guide to skyrocket your open rates

What’s the difference between a great email marketing strategy and spam? It’s no gimmick or shortcut; it’s the reader’s opinion. […]

ASKED & ANSWERED: Diving into digital marketing

ASKED & ANSWERED is Vistaprint’s small business advice column – each week, experts answer questions from small business owners like […]

Digital marketing for small business: a 7-step checklist

Digital marketing doesn’t have to be complex to be successful. With simple yet thoughtful planning, and a consistent branding approach,

Social media strategy

How to develop a successful social media strategy in 7 simple steps

“Strategy” may sound formal and calculating (and a strange companion for “social”) but a social media strategy is really all […]

Memes in design

How to use memes in your marketing

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the internet, you’ve seen memes. Memes are those captioned images that make […]

Digital marketing vs. traditional marketing: what’s the difference?

Digital marketing vs traditional marketing: what’s the difference between the two and which one should you use? Selecting the right […]

Cyber Monday ad campaigns

Boost your cyber sale inspiration with these awesome campaigns

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are nearly here, which means we’ll all be in the thick of this year’s exciting […]

How to build a digital marketing strategy

How to build a digital marketing strategy

Today, the majority of our content consumption takes place in the digital world. To keep up with our reliance on […]

The best digital marketing tools to build your brand

A business without a comprehensive digital marketing campaign is like a ship without sails—it’s not going anywhere. If you want […]

The different types of digital marketing (and how to use them)

Digital marketing is a beast. Which channels should you be on? What do SEO and PPC really mean? What are […]

What is digital marketing?

In the most basic of terms, digital marketing is simply marketing that’s happening on digital channels. (Pretty obvious, right?) But […]

Marketing on pinterest

7 awesome tips for marketing yourself on Pinterest

Did you know Pinterest ranks third in generating daily referral traffic across social media outlets? That’s right, Pinterest is more […]