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51 electrician logos that’ll give you a jolt

It’s tough to imagine what life would be like without electricians. They keep our world lit by bringing good energy to a brand-new place, or by fixing up an old favorite. They’re an essential part of life—so essential that there are over 700,000 electricians in the United States.

Being a great electrician requires commitment. In a service-based field, reliability is a huge component of success. It’s about more than just serving your customers. Ultimately, your business helps your customers serve their customers. And every great business deserves an equally great logo. A buzzworthy electrician logo will establish a brand identity, create a memorable presence and spark interest for potential clients. In this article we’ve collected our favorite electrician logos to inspire you!

What makes an effective electrician logo?

One major perk of being an electrician is that there’s a consistent need for your skill set. Business is always coming in and you never struggle to stay busy. A downside is that the industry can feel saturated. With so many electricians out there, it’s important for your logo to stand out from the crowd. An effective electrician logo is memorable and easy to distinguish. Many electrician logos incorporate symbols of the service industry, like images of tools and toolboxes, or a red-white-and-blue color palette (see examples, below). But if you’re going to utilize the classic iconography of your field (lightbulbs, plugs, etc.), be sure to make it your own.

EZ Electric logo

EZ Electric logo

Remember, your logo is your elevator pitch. It needs to tell the world who you are and what you’re all about, and it must be adaptable to many environments. Whether it’s on a business card, website or the side of a pickup truck, your logo needs to look great everywhere.

Not sure where to start? Let’s spark your creativity with some logo success stories.

Logo ideas to spark your interest

Lightbulb logos

It always starts with the lightbulb, right? What we love about lightbulb logos is that they don’t only symbolize electricity, they also represent big intentions, bold thoughts and infinite possibilities. The lightbulb seems like an obvious choice, but there are plenty of ways to make it feel totally new.

Add intrigue to an electrician logo by incorporating other shapes into the bulb, such as the Buzz Electric bee or the Mur Electric cityscape. Remember: stellar branding starts with one bright idea.

Bold lightbulb logos

Unexpected lightbulb logos

Minimalist lightbulb logos

Thomas Haiden logo

Thomas Haiden logo by Max Well via 99designs by Vista.

Plug logos

You’re more than just lighting, right? We think so, too. Your logo should show off all of your skills, so don’t be afraid to give yourself a plug (yeah, we went there).

A plug silhouette doesn’t need to be part of a boring electrician logo. Instead, it can elevate you to unexpected heights. When working with negative space, the geometric qualities of a plug can create a sleek, sophisticated aesthetic, like the monochromatic EleKtrical logo below.

Bold plug logos

Playful plug logos

Minimalist plug logos

Lightning bolt logos

Okay, okay—we admit that we associate lightning bolts with Harry Potter. But, long before it became a well-known symbol of our favorite fictional wizard, the lightning bolt was, and still is, a true representation of what electricity is all about. It’s cool, exciting and in cases like the Pulse Electric logo, it helps indicate a feeling of a moving current. And let’s face it—some of the most successful, meaningful logos are those that indicate movement and flow (we see you, Nike).

Minimalist lightning bolt logos

Icon-based lightning bolt logos

Pulse Electric logo

Pulse Electric logo by *blue[ti]ful via 99designs by Vista.

Bold lightning bolt logos

Vintage-style logos

Electricity was invented in 1879, and electricians have been doing their thing ever since. Electrician logo inspiration often goes hand in hand with a throwback vibe, channeling the timeless spirit of this old-school gig. A vintage aesthetic can be created in a variety of ways, such as the faded font in the Artizan Electric logo, or the muted color palette in the Knight Electric logo.

Whatever the approach, be thoughtful, strategic and fresh in your nod to years’ past. Don’t forget: vintage-inspired doesn’t mean antiquated.

Electrician logos with vintage-style typography and fading

Illustration-based, vintage-style electrician logos

Beyond the bolt

This last category is a bit of a smorgasbord, but that’s what makes it so great. We love it when a brand goes above and beyond to create a logo that’s unexpected, but still gets the job done. This can be achieved a variety of ways, like the clever use of negative space in the Optiva logo, or the way in which the dense lines from the JES Electric logo achieve a feeling of luminosity.

However you choose to go beyond the bolt, just make it your own. Do what you need to do to make your brand shine, rather than flickering out.

Modern, minimalist electrician logos

Electrician logos with unexpected illustrations

Sophisticated electrician logos

Electrician logos with vivid colors

Pump up the voltage on your logo game

From bulbs to bolts and everything in between, we rounded up the best in electrician logos. Now, it’s your turn to branch out and market your services in a distinct, memorable way.

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Author: Aviva M. Cantor