35 awesome gift ideas for entrepreneurs

35 awesome gift ideas for entrepreneurs

This holiday season, we know your favorite entrepreneur is probably too busy brainstorming their next genius idea to send you their holiday wish list. That’s why we reached out to some of our savviest friends—like Tim Ferriss, James Altucher, and Lisa Sugar—to find you the latest and greatest gift ideas. Even if you’re shopping for someone in a field you don’t understand, we’ve got you covered with a collection of gifts for the busy and brilliant people in your life.


1. Amazon Echo

The smartest speaker ever

Discover the perfect gift for a real-life Tony Stark. This magic little speaker features Alexa, Amazon’s brilliant new virtual assistant. Ask her to tell you the latest news, play the hottest music, order your pizza or call an Uber. If you’re busy, Alexa can take care of things for you.

$179.99 at amazon.com

2. Amazon Kindle

The gold standard of e-readers

The internet can only offer so much inspiration, but books are endless brain fuel for your ideas person. The perfect gift idea: “Preload a Kindle with books,” says James Altucher, a hedge-fund manager, author and founder of more than 20 companies. (PS: we recommend his book, Choose Yourself)

$79.99 at amazon.com

Recommended by: James Altucher

Bio: Hedge fund manager, entrepreneur, bestselling author, and podcaster. James has founded or cofounded more than 20 companies and published eleven books including the bestseller Choose Yourself.

3. Snap Spectacles

Sunglasses for the Snapchat addict

Get ready for the ultimate in hands-free video (oh, and hide those up-all-night, sleepy eyes at the same time). Michelle Lam, the co-founder of True&Co, swears by these Snap Spectacles. “Entrepreneurs love the future,” she says. “They can dream up their own exit inside their own virtual world.”

$129.99 at spectacles.com

Recommended by: Michelle Lam

Bio: Co-Founder and CEO at True&Co. Michelle was recently named one of Fast Company’s Most Creative People and awarded San Francisco Top 40 Under 40 2016.

4. Virtual keyboard

Type here, there, or anywhere

Situation: You’ve got your phone. You’re at the park. You’ve got a report due. Get ready for some thumb cramps. Or get this super cool laser keyboard. It turns anything—a bench, the sidewalk, a plastic slide—into an instant keyboard.

$48.50 at amazon.com

5. Hydra Smartbottle

The baller, Bluetooth, beverage solution

Imagine your boring old water bottle went to Burning Man. This is what happened. The Hydra Smartbottle’s got a Bluetooth speaker, radio, a charging station for phones, party lights and a bottle opener. Oh, it holds water too.

$59.99 at hydra-smartbottle.com

6. Square card reader

Instant, in-your-pocket transactions

Does your entrepreneur sell cool stuff? Like those fancy donuts? Or gourmet hotdogs? (We might be hungry right now.) Give them Square, the easiest-to-accept credit card transactions on the go. Plug it, swipe it, get paid. It’s that easy.

Free at squareup.com

7. Verizon Jetpack mobile hotspot

Always stay connected

It’s not very sexy, but trust us on this one. Your friend will be thanking you for this gift well into the New Year. For those on the road with multiple data-guzzling devices, the Verizon Jetpack 4G LTE Mobile Hotspot AC791L is the WiFi hotspot to beat. The Jetpack’s battery life lasts longer than most, and it takes advantage of Verizon’s LTE network (we’re told it’s the largest and the fastest).

$199.95 at amazon.com

8. Portable scanner

Instant docs-on-the-go

Got a contract you need to look over later? Scan it. A business card to remember? Scan it. A new design to review? You guessed right. Scan it! Get a digital copy of every document you see—all without a computer or camera.

From $53.99 at bestbuy.com

9. Marquee light box

Say anything—in lights!

“Who doesn’t want to feel like a movie star or have something exciting to share?” says Lisa Sugar, founder of POPSUGAR and author of Power Your Happy. This awesome light-up gizmo is just what you need to get your point across. And as Lisa says, ”It’s great for the ‘gram!”

$40.00 at ban.do

Recommended by: Lisa Sugar

Bio: Founder, president, and Editor-In-Chief of POPSUGAR Inc. a global media and technology company, and author of Power Your Happy.

Business tools

10. LivePlan

The better business plan

As your entrepreneur builds their business strategy, LivePlan has got ‘em covered. With the latest online tools developed by experts, they’ve got everything to pitch, plan, track and collaborate anywhere on the planet.

From $11.66/month at liveplan.com

11. Skillshare

Class is in session, nerds!

Entrepreneurs are always ready for something new. And brand new skills to make their business even better might be the perfect gift. From social media strategy to planning a keynote event, Skillshare teaches just about everything (including juggling, we checked).

From $10/month at skillshare.com

12. Evernote Premium subscription

The best to-do list ever

Eggnog? Check. Rum to spike the eggnog? Check. The perfect to-do list app for your busy entrepreneur? Check! Add Evernote Premium to your gift list, the easiest way to stay organized, plan a schedule and collaborate with colleagues.

$7.99/month at Evernote.com

13. Logo consultation from 99designs by Vista

Free design help from the pros

Using one of VistaPrint’s design services, like 99design by Vista, to create a logo is a great first step toward turning an idea into a real business. Know someone who wants to take that step in the new year? Whether you’re a florist, farmer or french fry maker, a team of professionals can walk you through everything you need to make your logo look phenomenal.

Free at 99designs.com

14. Magic 8 ball

Lightning fast decision-making

The business advisor’s out of town, and your favorite MBA professor just deleted her Facebook account again. What do you do when you’re facing that tough business decision all on your own? Shake that Magic 8 ball. We guarantee an answer (but don’t blame us for what happens).

$5.35 at amazon.com


15. Grit by Amanda Duckworth

The power of passion and perseverance

Why do some people succeed while others fail? It’s all about Grit according to author Amanda Duckworth. Stephanie Tilenius, founder of Vida, recommends this book for the lessons it provides about succeeding as an individual. “You need to build grit yourself, and then you need to hire for it,” she says.

$17.50 at Barnes & Noble.com

Recommended by: Stephanie Tilenius

Bio: Founder and CEO of Vida, a next-generation mobile continuous care platform for preventive health and chronic health conditions.

five minute journal

16. The Five Minute Journal

Find your focus in 300 seconds

If entrepreneurs have time to open a present, they’ve got time to use The Five Minute Journal. Susie Moore swears by this book, filled with five-minute bursts of prompts and questions to help the reader with focus and goal-setting. We also recommend her latest book, What If It Does Work Out?, for the side-hustling hobbyist on your list.

$11.33 at intelligentchange.com

Recommended by: Susie Moore

Bio: Business coach, best selling author and contributor for The Today show, Forbes, Business Insider, the BBC, Inc., Refinery29, Huffington Post, Marie Claire and and others.

17. The Obstacle is the Way by Ryan Holiday

Get stronger

From Steve Jobs to Amelia Earhart, brilliant thinkers, doers and dreamers from around the world have used the ideas in Ryan Holiday’s book to propel them forward with unstoppable resilience. “This is a book on stoic philosophy and how it can be applied to your life,” says Dan Scalco. “I’ve gifted it to tons of entrepreneurs already.”

$14.85 at amazon.com

Recommended by: Dan Scalco

Bio: Founder and marketing director at Digitalux, a digital-marketing agency, and regular contributor to Inc., Entrepreneur, and the Huffington Post.

18. The School of Greatness by Lewis Howes

Life lessons from leaders

There’s no single path to greatness. That’s what author Lewis Howes found out. In The School of Greatness, he shares stories from the world’s greatest achievers and how readers can bring their lessons into their lives and leadership.

$7.42 at amazon.com

19. Essentialism by Greg McKeown

Cut it out

Successful entrepreneurs know that what they don’t do is just as important as everything they do. That’s what Author Greg McKeown explores in Essentialism, a fantastic read that teaches the discipline of focusing time and energy.

$7.22 at amazon.com

Health and wellness

20. Garmin Forerunner 735

Get up & go and ideas will flow

“To avoid burnout, I think it’s important for entrepreneurs to work out,” says Mark Harbottle. “The Garmin Forerunner 735 tracks your steps, calories, heart rate, sleep and even location. It syncs with all the apps you’re ever going to need to keep track of your fitness.”

$449.99 at garmin.com

Recommended by: Mark Harbottle

Bio: CEO of Sitepoint and co-founder of 99designs. Founding investor at Hired, Influx, and Promise Pay.

21. Spa visit

To-do: relax, relax, relax

Crunching numbers and dreaming up new ideas is great for the brain. But busy bees need to remember to care for their body, too. “We all need downtime and a little relaxation sometimes,” says bestselling author of Virtual Freedom, podcaster and serial entrepreneur Chris Ducker. So, book your entrepreneur a spa visit (and while you’re there, pick one up for you, too).

Prices vary at spafinder.com

Recommended by: Chris Ducker

Bio: Serial entrepreneur, keynote speaker, business coach, blogger, podcaster, and bestselling author of Virtual Freedom.

22. Unplug Meditation

Breathe in, breathe out

Busy minds need a break, and meditation is more beneficial than taking another Buzzfeed quiz. That’s why Stephanie Tilenius also suggests gifting an entrepreneur with a subscription to Unplug Meditation. “Use regular meditation to bring out your best ideas,” she says.

$23/class at the LA studio or live-stream sessions at unplugmeditation.com

23. Dohm sound conditioner

The sound of genius

Listen up! Whether your entrepreneur needs some time to focus or a little help getting some extra shuteye, the Dohm sound conditioner produces high-quality white noise that’s scientifically proven to soothe and calm the mind.

From $44.95 at marpac.com

24. Rumble Roller

Work those muscles

“Long hours of sitting (or standing) at a computer will require self-care, and your spine should be at the top of the list, says Tim Ferriss. He recommends this foam roller to ease the tension in the upper and lower back, so hard days at the office don’t take their toll on your body.

$44.95 at amazon.com

Recommended by: Tim Ferriss

Bio: Author, entrepreneur, public speaker, angel investor, blogger and podcaster. Tim’s books have appeared on the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and USA Today bestseller lists, starting with The 4-Hour Workweek.

25. KetoCaNa

Keep going and going and going…

“When you’re burning the midnight oil or simply burning out, KetoCaNa is an alternative fuel source for the brain that can keep you going,” Tim Ferriss says. This supplement keeps you energized, while also increasing mental acuity and performance. Want more tips from Tim? Check out his latest book, Tools of Titans.

$59.80 at amazon.com

26. Zojirushi mug

Fashion forward fueling

Spills are the worst! But this mug promises to always keep your favorite beverages contained. With its well-designed exterior, one-handed usability, easy-to-clean interior and foolproof lock, this is the go-to gift for a go-getter on your list who has a taste for the finer things.

$37.95 at amazon.com

27. The Original Ostrich Pillow

Take your power nap everywhere

Every busy brain needs some Z’s. The Ostrich Pillow looks a little nuts, but it’s the most comfy way to catch some sleep wherever you might be. Wrap up one of these for your entrepreneur so they can get dreaming.

From $30 at ostrichpillow.com

28. U.S. Global Entry

Clear customs quick

Thanks to Global Entry, low-risk travelers can move across U.S. borders with easy access. “Right after New Year’s, force your international traveling friend to go in for the Global Entry interview and cover the fee,” Sarah Endline, the founder of SweetRiot advises.

$100 at CPB.gov

Recommended by: Sarah Endline

Bio: Founder and CEO of Sweetriot in NYC, an activist candy company, which is creating a sweet movement to fix the world.

29. Battery packs and pillows

Make globetrotting a breeze

When you work everywhere, you’ve got to be comfortable—especially in an airport. “When I became an entrepreneur, I ended up traveling a lot more than usual and was ill-prepared,” says Jerry Hum, co-founder of Touch of Modern. His travel solutions include a portable battery pack and a great travel pillow.

Mophie Juice Packs from $59.99 at mophie.com | MUJI pillows from $18 at muji.us

Recommended by: Jerry Hum

Bio: CEO & Co-founder of Touch of Modern , a $100M, men’s e-commerce startup that made the Inc. 500 (fastest growing private companies) and was named one of Forbes “30 Under 30” in 2015.

Food and drink

30. Blue Apron

Delish dishes right to your door

Myth: the most successful entrepreneurs survive on Red Bull and Hot Pockets. Give the gift of actual, real-life brain food with a meal subscription service from Blue Apron. “It’s perfect for entrepreneurs who work at home and want to eat healthy,” says James Altucher.

$59.94 for three two-serving meals at blueapron.com

31. Alcohol

Booze is always the answer

Maybe the entrepreneur in your life is a beer lover. Or a vodka hound. Or a wine aficionado. But if you’re buying for Steve Strauss, look to Scotland. “Ideally, I would get [an entrepreneur] some time off! Absent that, a nice bottle of Scotch.”

Prices vary. Consult your local liquor store.

Recommended by: Steve Strauss

Bio: Best-selling author, USA TODAY small business columnist, global speaker, corporate spokesperson, entrepreneur, and author of 17 books including the the best-selling Small Business Bible.

32. Bulletproof coffee kit

More caffeine cravings

How does “peak mental stamina” sound? We thought so too. Try out Bulletproof, the ultimate coffee upgrade. For your high-performance entrepreneur, add a coffee starter kit to their stocking, and give them the “Brain Octane” they deserve.

$54.28 at bulletproof.com

33. Winc wine club

Cheers to great ideas

Fact: a glass of red wine each day has been linked to entrepreneurial success. OK, we made that up (we’ve had a few glasses ourselves). Add Winc wine club to your gift list because, after all, there’s no better way to celebrate fantastic ideas or unwind after a busy day than a glass of wine!

From $13 at winc.com

34. Chemex coffee maker

Coffee meet chemistry

Wake up to the nerdiest way to make coffee. For 75 years, Chemex has promised to brew the most perfect cups of coffee in the world. That’s all thanks to the beautiful design and simple filters of their beaker-like coffeemakers.

From $38.90 at chemexcoffeemaker.com

35. Starbucks gift cards

Keep that busy buzz

Nothing like a simple cup of coffee. It’s all that stands between a brilliant mind and a $10 million idea. Take it from Amy Norman, co-founder of Little Passports. “When I first launched Little Passports, I went without a salary for many months,” she says. “My favorite gift back then was the Starbucks gift cards my sister sent to me. At the time, a latte every day felt like a real luxury!”

Prices start at $5/card in stores or starbucks.com

Recommended by: Amy Norman

Bio: Contributor at Forbes, public speaker, and the Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Little Passports, a children’s media company inspiring children to learn about the world.

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