Marketing & Advertising

You have an amazing small business. And now, it’s time to let the world know about it with marketing tools and an advertising strategy. From business cards to branded merch, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about marketing your small business so you can attract new customers. 

Restaurant merch ideas

How to create the best restaurant merch in 5 steps

The food’s good and the drinks are flowing. You’ve invested in beautiful signage, menus and flyers – you may even […]

Coworker holiday gift ideas

Promotional Product Ideas: 5 Ways to Fortify Your Brand

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6 unexpected ways to use stickers for small business

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My marketing must-haves Redesign resolution: A new look sparks a brand transformation

A new year brings new opportunities for everyone...especially small business owners. And Jack Eller, owner and designer of Jack Eller Studio, is ready to take his jewelry brand to the next level.

7 ways eateries can use QR codes

QR codes have made a comeback in the last few years – they’ve proven to be handy tools for all […]

The three you need: How to create a standout storefront

Summer is the perfect time for window shopping. And while that’s true every year, it’s especially true this year.

The three you need: Think outside the shop with a sidewalk pop-up

This is the perfect time of year to connect with customers...and you barely have to leave your storefront to do it.

How to write a clear marketing message that helps you stand out at events

Without a doubt, talking face-to-face with your customers is the most effective way to deliver a clear product message. Sharing […]

Case Study: Events as a key marketing strategy

Nick Gold, managing director of motivational and keynote speaker bureau Speakers Corner, discusses how exhibitions were integral to the company’s […]

Be the main event – promotion ideas that generate more buzz

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Pivoting with purpose: From greenhouse to garden pizzeria

Pivoting with purpose:From greenhouse to garden pizzeria Estimated reading time: 4 minutes Small businesses constantly have to adapt, whether it’s […]

How to use local SEO for small business

As a small business owner, you probably know that it is important to be searchable and accessible online. And prioritizing […]

4 steps to using leave behinds in your marketing

Make a lasting impression – whether you’re replacing a leaky pipe, painting a house or shoveling someone’s walkway – with […]

A collage of different custom signs and menus for a café.

5 ways to use signage for restaurants

Signage is key in communicating with your customers, at a distance or up close. And whether you’re communicating new offerings […]

13 inexpensive marketing ideas for small business owners

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How (and why) small businesses should use YouTube cards

Now that you’ve created a YouTube channel and filmed a few videos, it’s time to add cards to each one […]

How to create a YouTube channel & playlist

If you have a smartphone, an internet connection, and a Google account, you have everything you need to start a […]

17 outdoor signage ideas for your small business

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How to make a flyer for your business in 4 steps

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How referral marketing can boost your business

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