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You have an amazing small business. And now, it’s time to let the world know about it with marketing tools and an advertising strategy. From business cards to branded merch, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about marketing your small business so you can attract new customers. 

10 best marketing trends for 2024

10 best marketing trends for 2024

As we step into 2024, the marketing landscape is buzzing with fresh, innovative ideas. Marketers are getting creative and discovering […]

What is Cyber Monday? + 5 tips to run a successful sales campaign

For many people worldwide, the official Holiday Season begins the moment Halloween is finished and continues until New Year’s Day. […]

What is Black Friday? Tips to maximize sales during the holiday

What is Black Friday? + 5 tips to maximize sales during the holiday

Black Friday: the busiest shopping day of the year and the unofficial start of the holiday shopping season. Brace the […]

Thinking outside the beanery: How coffee shop merchandise can boost your brand and sales

Sip of Hope Coffee, a Chicago-based coffee shop that donates all of its proceeds to mental health education and suicide […]

Woman smelling a candle in a candle shop

7 creative candle packaging ideas to light a fire in your customers

Popular candles today are about so much more than a flickering light. Their color, shape, scent and presentation are all […]

Merch for YouTubers 101: Unleashing the power of branded merchandise

From MrBeast to Like Nastya, name a top YouTube creator and chances are that they’re rocking their own YouTube brand […]

5 types of sticker materials — and how to use them

Have you ever unboxed a product to find the brand’s custom gold foil sticker adorning the inner packaging, giving you […]

T-shirt quote ideas for your blank canvas

Make a statement: 10 effective T-shirt quote ideas for your next project

Promotional clothing can work wonders for your brand, especially with unique or creative T-shirt quote ideas. Do a quick mental […]

4 types of packaging boxes and bags to keep customers coming back

For many people, unboxing their order is an experience in and of itself. While people enjoy unboxing their own orders, […]

5 creative ways to use QR codes on business cards

Over the past few years, QR code usage has exploded. Contactless payments and restaurant menus have become commonplace, and forward-thinking […]

Tax accountants and business professionals discuss finances

Marketing for accounting firms: 5 tips to connect with your clients and community beyond Tax Day

The urgency of an approaching Tax Day makes accounting services an easy sell. However, marketing for accounting firms doesn’t always […]

Where to put stickers to elevate your marketing efforts

Reddit is now a digital juggernaut, and it got there, in part, because it knew where to put stickers. Hold […]

How custom food packaging helps deliver your brand

How important is food delivery packaging? Picture this: A delivery driver enters a hotel or apartment lobby, and the mouthwatering […]

3 tips to get you started with restaurant branding

Your restaurant’s kitchen creates the most delectable dishes in town, but as a new business owner in the food and […]

Tips for using print advertising to increase your digital reach

Since the dawn of the digital age, thought leaders have been predicting the demise of print advertising. Yet, on an […]

Your brand, to go: 8 custom restaurant packaging ideas

Custom restaurant packaging takes a great meal and makes it unforgettable. You’re already delivering delicious meals your customers enjoy. The […]

A person looks at a promotional flyer from their mailbox

Harnessing the power of print: How to promote your business locally

Most people today spend a significant chunk of their waking hours looking at screens. They rely on digital devices to […]

A step-by-step guide on how to make merch for your brand

Do your customers love when you give away free swag at events or with certain purchases? (Of course they do.) […]

10 creative places to leave business cards

Picture your bold and unique business card pinned up on a bulletin board, grabbing the attention of passersby who have […]

Small business thank you cards: A perfect event follow-up

You know you’re more than willing to go that extra mile for your customers. But do your customers? Luckily, there’s […]

7 steps to a successful small business trade show

Trade shows can be a complete goldmine for new customer connections and expanding your reach as a business. That’s why […]

How to make your printed business signage work digitally

You’ve spent weeks or more setting up your brick-and-mortar small business. You’re incredibly proud of what you’ve accomplished…and you should […]

What your small business can learn from famous signs

Think about the most high-profile logos or famous signs you see all the time. In most cases, the design and […]

How to promote events as a can’t-miss brand experience

Imagine you have a launch party for a new product coming up in a few months. How will you ensure […]