The best wedding sign ideas for every type of wedding

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Weddings aren’t just the union of two people in love; they’re like the Oscars of signage! 

Forget about mundane, cookie-cutter signs that say “Wedding This Way.” We’re here to jazz up your nuptials with a sprinkle of wit, a dash of humor and a whole lot of love. From the whimsical to the wonderfully weird, we’ve scoured the earth to bring you a bunch of most awe-inspiring wedding sign ideas.

Types of wedding signs

At the heart of your wedding’s design lies the art of signage, seamlessly guiding your guests while adding layers of charm and personality to your celebration. From the moment they arrive to the final toast, ensure every sign speaks volumes about your love story. These essential signs blend functionality with creativity:

  • Welcome signs: The first “hello” sets the tone for your special day.
  • Directional signs: Effortlessly guide your guests, ensuring no one misses a beat.
  • Seating signs: Elegantly lead guests to their designated spots with style.
  • Program & schedule signs: Keep everyone in sync with the day’s flow.
  • Menu signs: Whet appetites by showcasing your culinary delights.
  • Quirky and fun signs: Inject humor and personality into your celebration.

Four wedding welcome sign ideas

Imagine your guests, all dressed up, stepping into your wedding wonderland. They’re expecting the usual “Welcome to Our Wedding” sign. But, you’re above the usual. Give them a welcome sign to make them remember your special day from start to finish!

Wedding sign idea with minimal design featuring the bride and groom's initials

Source: via VistaPrint

Welcome signs with gift ideas 

It’s time to elevate the standard ‘welcome’ with thoughtful hospitality and unforgettable charm. Enter a world where your greeting sign doubles as a treasure chest of considerate gifts designed to make your guests’ experience more comfortable and memorable. 

How about plush pashminas for a chilly evening affair or stylish sun hats for a sunny day ceremony? Consider adding personalized water bottles to keep everyone hydrated or even custom-made hand sanitizers—a nod to practicality with a personal touch. 

Collaborative welcome sign ideas 

Transform your welcome sign into an interactive guestbook! Out with the traditional, in with a sign that invites every guest to leave their mark. Armed with an array of sharpies and pens, watch your welcome sign blossom into a vibrant collage of heartfelt messages and playful doodles.

Wooden wedding sign idea with "Love is" written in script font

Source: via DepositPhotos

Instructional welcome wedding sign ideas

Set the tone with a welcome sign that playfully lays down the law of the land! It’s a fun, tongue-in-cheek way to guide your guests through your special day’s do’s and don’ts. Think: “Unplug, unwind, and enjoy the ride!”

Funny welcome sign inspiration 

Infuse play and relatability with your wedding sign wording for an extra warm touch. Make a joke and give your guests a giggle.

Ideas for welcome signs with fun selfies 

Welcome your guests with a sign that’s a selfie hotspot! Design it to be irresistibly photogenic, encouraging guests to snap and share their joy. It’s a sign, a photo booth and a memory maker, all in one!

Chalkboard charm

Embrace a rustic vibe with chalkboard signs adorned with elegant calligraphy and whimsical drawings. They blend seamlessly into an outdoor or barn-style wedding, adding a touch of vintage charm.

Rustic gate with "wedding" scrawled on in chalk

Source: via DepositPhotos

Fairytale footsteps

For the romantics at heart, create signs that mimic pages from a fairytale. Each sign could be a chapter leading to your happily ever after—complete with ornate, storybook-style illustrations.

Illuminated insights

As the sun sets, let your signs light the way. Think softly glowing lanterns with etched glass panels or LED-lit signs that guide your guests under the stars.

Personalized milestones

Add a personal touch by including milestones of your relationship on the signs. “First Met Here,” “First Kiss There,” leading up to “Saying ‘I Do’ Right Here.” It’s a love story and a journey, all in one.

Seating sign ideas

When it comes to seating your beloved guests, the traditional “Reserved” sign barely scratches the surface of creativity. Let’s dive into some innovative seating sign ideas that blend form with function, making every guest feel not just accommodated but celebrated.

Wedding sign idea for seating chart with floral design

Source: via VistaPrint

Guest check-in: Interactive seating sign 

Each guest finds a personalized note or photo at the check-in, tailored just for them. Upon collecting their item, they reveal a hidden message underneath, such as their table assignment or a special thank you. 

Seating chart wedding sign ideas with wedding favors 

Elevate your seating chart by integrating wedding favors, offering guests a delightful discovery as they find their seats. This unique approach combines practicality with gratitude, allowing guests to locate their table and feel thoughtfully welcome.

Alphabetical wedding seating chart sign ideas 

Streamline your seating arrangement with an alphabetical seating chart, ensuring guests can quickly and easily find their names and corresponding table numbers.

Creative wedding seating chart sign ideas

A wedding seating chart doesn’t have to adhere to the traditional paper or board format—it can be a unique piece of art in itself, made from unconventional materials like fabric, concrete or even metal. 

Play with themes that resonate with your love story, from celestial maps guiding guests to their seats among the stars to botanical layouts for garden nuptials. Make it fun and funky with interactive elements like spinning wheels or puzzle pieces.

Program or schedule sign ideas 

Think “When do we eat?” and other important questions—answered creatively. 

The wedding program sign is the unsung hero of the day that tells you when you’ll get to bust a move or, more importantly, when the cake gets cut. 

But who said it has to be a snooze-fest printed on a piece of cardstock? Infuse some fun and personality into this essential piece of your big day with our program or schedule wedding sign ideas.

Wedding bar or menu sign ideas

Transform your wedding menu and bar signs into sleek, engaging highlights of your reception. Think crisp, modern designs that clearly showcase your dining and drink choices, perhaps with a witty remark or a subtle nod to your theme.

Minimal wedding idea sign featuring custom themed cocktails

Source: via VistaPrint

Quirky or funny sign ideas

Why should your wedding signs be all work and no play? Inject a dose of laughter into your big day with quirky or funny sign ideas that capture the joy and uniqueness of your union. From cheeky directions to the dance floor that say “Shake it ‘til you make it” and humorous warnings like “Beware of the Bridezilla,” these wedding signs add a layer of lighthearted fun to your festivities.

Provide a photo op

One of the most magical moments about a wedding are the keepsakes that you and your guests can hold onto forever. So use your wedding sign to invite guests to take a photo. Use it as a backdrop or embellish it with extras like fabrics, flowers and perhaps even costume accessories to match your theme.

Wedding sign idea wth streamers and decorative fabrics

Source: via DepositPhotos

Entertaining wedding signage ideas 

Anyone fancy a crossword? Keep your guests entertained with interactive wedding signs—for example, a crossword dedicated to the couple and your shared story.

Wedding signage tips and best practices

Ever wonder what makes a wedding sign go from “just there” to “wow, look there”? 

It’s all about striking the right balance between informative and aesthetic, ensuring each sign fulfills its purpose without overshadowing the event’s overall ambiance. 

Chalkboard wedding sign idea

Source: aleart via 99design by Vista

In this section, we’re sharing the dos and must-haves of wedding signage.

Embed your wedding signs into a larger installation

To effectively blend your wedding signage with the overall decor, consider integrating signs into larger installations for a cohesive and impactful visual statement.

  • Choose complementary elements. Select decorative elements that match your wedding theme, such as floral arrangements, lighting fixtures or artistic backdrops, to frame or support your signs.
  • Design with consistency. Ensure your signage design aligns with these elements in style, color and typography for a unified look.
  • Focus on placement. Position your signs within these installations strategically to both enhance visibility and contribute to the venue’s aesthetic.
  • Think beyond the traditional. Explore creative ways to display information, like incorporating signage into digital displays, natural settings, or custom-made structures that double as decor.

Reference your wedding theme

Use key symbols or motifs from your theme in the signage design. For a beach wedding, think seashells or waves. For a garden theme, incorporate floral patterns.

Wedding signs in nautical themed arrangement

Source: via VistaPrint

The material of your signs can also reflect your theme. Use wooden signs for a rustic wedding, acrylic for something more modern, or aged paper for a vintage look.
Even the wording can tie back to your theme. Playful and whimsical language suits a casual, fun wedding, while traditional wording might be better for a formal affair.

Add a QR code to your wedding sign

Incorporating a QR code into your wedding signage is a modern and efficient way to streamline information sharing with your guests. 

Here are some ideas for the kind of information you can share via QR codes:

  • Digital guest book: Allow guests to leave digital messages, photos and videos in a virtual guest book you can treasure forever.
  • Event schedule: Provide a detailed timeline of the day’s events, so guests know exactly what to expect and when.
  • Menu details: Offer an in-depth look at the wedding menu, including descriptions of dishes, ingredients (helpful for allergies) and drink options.
  • Venue map: Share a map of the venue, highlighting key areas like ceremony and reception locations, bathrooms and parking.
  • Wedding playlist: Invite guests to contribute to the wedding playlist or access a curated playlist for the event.

Highlight your wedding crest 

Wedding crests are fast becoming a must-have trend in personalizing wedding celebrations, offering a unique emblem that represents the union of two individuals or families. Incorporating your wedding crest into your signage is not just a nod to tradition—it’s a chic and personal touch that adds a layer of sophistication and identity to your event.

You’ve found your best wedding sign idea, now what?

As we wrap up our exploration of wedding signage, remember the golden rule: plan ahead. Early planning ensures your signage complements your big day perfectly and is ready in plenty of time, giving you one less thing to worry about as your big day approaches.

When it comes to creating these pivotal pieces, couples are presented with a delightful dilemma: to DIY or not to DIY? For those who relish the personal touch and have a flair for crafts, DIYing your wedding signs can be a deeply rewarding project that adds an extra layer of personalization to your celebration. It’s a chance to infuse your signs with your personality, creativity and love story.

On the flip side, hiring a designer can elevate your signage to professional heights, bringing a polished and cohesive look to your wedding’s visual theme. Platforms like 99designs by Vista offer a treasure trove of talented designers who can translate your vision into stunning signage that speaks volumes of your style and story.

No matter your choice, VistaPrint is your go-to partner, ready to bring any signage concept to life. Offering a spectrum of options to match every style and budget, VistaPrint guarantees your wedding signage will be as memorable as the day itself.

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