Wedding trends: using bold, bright colors of table setting

Wedding trends for 2024: 12 ideas for your big day

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Weddings trends in 2024? They’re anything but ordinary. There’s a palpable zest to celebrate love and life like never before. Many couples are opting for relaxed, intimate gatherings with scaled-down guest lists, while others are celebrating with lavish parties (or elements thereof). Wedding photographer Felicity Griffiths says: “It’s an all-or-nothing situation; people either want to go all out or keep it close and invite hardly anyone. No-frills DIY weddings are making a comeback, with couples choosing to save the money they would have spent for more practical things.”

So, what’s in this year? 2024 is all about fun, bold, retro, handmade, eco-conscious, personal, and yes, more affordable celebrations. Think casual, family-style menus, documentary-style photography, and nuptials that feel more like an intimate dinner party. And one thing’s for sure: traditional is taking a back seat. This is the year of the “non-wedding wedding.” And in true anti-bride fashion, the guests are the stars of the show.

Top 12 wedding trends for 2024

  1. Bold, fun colors
  2. Retro aesthetic makes a comeback
  3. First impression save-the-dates
  4. Wedding crests or logos
  5. Handwritten and hand-drawn everything
  6. Dinner party and restaurant seating
  7. Documentary-style wedding photography
  8. Understated welcome signs
  9. Personalized table decor and seating charts
  10. Creative guestbooks
  11. Innovative takes on the champagne tower
  12. Eco-luxe entertainment and decor

1. Bold, fun colors

Forget the whites and beiges that have dominated wedding color palettes for far too long; now it’s all about bold, fun shades. This year, couples are embracing maximalism with color-blocked themes and vivid ceremonies. 

Wedding trends: bright, bold colors for invitations

Incorporate bold flower arrangements

One easy way to add a splash of color to your 2024 wedding is to build arrangements of flowers known for their bold look, such as fiery red and deep purple dahlias, hot pink and coral peonies, bright orange and magenta gerberas, fuchsia ranunculus and lime green Zinnias.

Different colored dresses for your bridesmaids

Bridesmaids are the vanguards of the color revolution this year. Hot pink, electric blue, sunburst orange—the more colors, the merrier—like a fashion-forward rainbow took a detour through the bridal party. We’re no longer forcing all the bridesmaids to look the same. Individualism is on the rise in 2024.


Encourage your bridesmaids to wear different colors, patterns, and styles, allowing everyone to express themselves in their own unique way.

Decor can add a splash of color

Incorporating color into your wedding venue decor can transform the space. But it’s all about striking the perfect balance. Neutral tones play the perfect backdrop, ensuring your colorful celebration pops.

  • Table linen: Use colorful tablecloths, runners, and napkins. Mix and match different hues.
  • Tableware: Use colored glassware, plates, and utensils. Even subtle hues can make a big impact.
  • Chair decor: Add colorful cushions to chairs and tie bright-colored sashes or ribbons to their backs.
  • Drapery: Vibrant drapery adds a splash of color to walls and ceilings.
  • Candles and centerpieces: Colored candles or centerpieces add warmth to the space.
Wedding trends: colorful flowers and linen cloth for table setting

2. Retro aesthetic makes a comeback

Weddings are turning the clock back this year, blending the nostalgia of the past with the excitement of new beginnings. Vintage-inspired and Victorian-style dresses are making a comeback, as well as Super 8 film and retro-decorated cakes with heavy piping. Cameron Forbes, the man behind Forbes Functions, a boutique event planning company, predicts a major revival of vintage wedding elements in 2024: “From Super 8mm film to vintage cakes with lots of heavy piping and icing, couples are leaning into the nostalgic and ethereal feel.”

Wedding trends: vintage-inspired wedding program on vintage woven charis

A particularly popular decade to base your 2024 wedding aesthetic on is the ‘70s. Disco-themed receptions with mirror balls glittering above the dance floor—inviting guests to boogie the night away—and overstated vibrant florals. Because what’s a retro revival without a burst of floral extravagance? And if you want to commit to the aesthetic fully, borrow hairstyle and attire ideas from the decade too.

Wedding trends: Retro 70’s aesthetic wedding invitations

Source: by Alexandra G Mocanu via 99designs by Vista

3. First impression save-the-dates

Save-the-date cards are getting a major upgrade this year. They’re the guests’ first impression of your wedding and the opening act to your celebrations. In 2024, couples are getting more creative and playful with save-the-dates in the hope of wowing their guests at every point and drumming up excitement for the big day.

Here are some innovative save-the-date ideas for you to play with…

  • Balloons: Send a deflated balloon with the details printed on it; guests have to blow it up to reveal the message.
  • Interactive websites: Create a mini-website with interactive features like a countdown to your wedding, and send the link as your save-the-date.
  • Calendar stickers: Include a small sticker that guests can place on their calendars as a reminder of your big day.
  • Puzzles: Send out your save-the-date as a puzzle or puzzle piece. As guests piece it together, the excitement builds.
  • Scratch cards: Design your save-the-date with a scratch-off layer hiding the wedding date, adding an interactive element.
  • Edible treats: Pair your save-the-date with a small edible treat like a personalized cookie or chocolate, adding a sweet touch.

Step aside, full names! This 2024 wedding trend is all about unique crests and logos, blending personal stories, backgrounds and interests into memorable symbols. From invitations to the seating plan, these emblems are guaranteed to add a personal touch to your big day.

Wedding trends: wedding monogram logo

Source: by pecas™ via 99designs by Vista

Wedding trends: wedding monogram logo

Source: by cadina via 99designs by Vista

Wedding trends: Wedding logo for programs on chairs

5. Handwritten and hand-drawn everything

In 2024, couples are embracing the charm of handwritten and hand-drawn elements, showcasing their personality. Quirky “scribble” style invitations, signs, and seating charts feel unique, cool, and relaxed thanks to handwritten text and whimsical doodles. 

The handwritten and illustration trend can be beautifully incorporated into various aspects of a wedding to enhance its personal and intimate feel:

Wedding trends: hand-drawn cocktails save the date, wedding invitations, menu

6. Dinner party and restaurant seating

Weddings are taking a cue from dinner parties this year, creating a personal and relaxed ambiance. This trend, referred to as “dinner party weddings,” focuses on crafting an experience akin to a sophisticated meal in a chic restaurant.

It’s about scaling down guest lists, “restaurant seating,” and emphasizing quality over quantity, ensuring each guest feels like they’re part of an intimate gathering. Couples also want to enjoy the company of their nearest and dearest without having to endure endless formalities with guests.

Menus are central to this concept, leaning toward casual, family-style food that encourages interaction and a communal dining experience. Think of dishes that are not only delicious but also foster a sense of sharing and togetherness.

7. Documentary-style wedding photography 

In 2024, wedding photography is going candid with a surge in a documentary-style approach. This trend is about capturing real, unposed moments, fitting perfectly into the overarching theme of intimacy. Also lending from the retro trend, the authenticity of these grainy, vintage-style images documents your special day in a more personal way. 

Wedding photographer Felicity Griffiths says, “Soft focus and blurred shots are huge this year. The colors and textures are all very romantic. Couples want a film-esque or fashion editorial aesthetic, with photos that could be a movie still or a brand campaign. The high flash and fly-on-the-wall shots make couples feel papped while keeping the mood relaxed and intimate.”

As couples lean towards more intimate gatherings, fly-on-the-wall photography immortalizes genuine laughter, tears and spontaneous joy.


To be extra authentic and cost-effective when tapping into this 2024 wedding trend, give each of your guests a disposable camera to capture the day from their perspective. You can even give guests a checklist of moments to photograph. Once developed, the photos can be compiled into a custom photo album, creating a keepsake of shared memories.

8. Understated welcome signs

Replacing flashy neon and 3D letters, this year’s weddings favor simple, elegant entry signage. These understated welcome signs embrace intimacy, adding a personal touch and enhancing the close-knit, cozy atmosphere.

Wedding trends: understated welcome sign blending into nature

9. Personalized table decor and seating charts

Weddings in 2024 are all about personalizing every detail, right down to table decor and seating charts. Imagine tables adorned with custom napkins sharing fun facts about the couple, bespoke embroidered tablecloths and even linens designed for guests to draw on, adding a unique and playful touch.

As for seating charts, don’t shy away from adding little personalized messages or photos of the guest with the bride or groom alongside their name.

Wedding trends: Custom napkins with fun facts about the newlyweds

10. Creative guestbooks

Wedding trends in 2024 are transforming the traditional guestbook into a creative keepsake. Photo guestbooks are now the rage, with guests snapping Polaroid pictures to accompany their handwritten messages.

For a tech-savvy twist, couples are opting for digital or audio guestbooks, offering an immersive experience to revisit well-wishes through photos, videos and audio messages. This innovative approach not only makes messages more personalized but also ensures these precious moments are preserved digitally, safe from loss or damage.

11. Innovative takes on the champagne tower

Champagne Towers are continuing their sparkling journey into 2024. As Fallon Carter of Fallon Carter Events puts it, “What’s old certainly is new again.”

These towers are a symbol of celebration, offering elegance and a glimmer of glam. Champagne towers are a popular modern alternative to traditional cake cutting, perfect for a grand entrance or as a show-stopping evening feature.

But the trend doesn’t stop there. Couples are putting creative spins on this classic: think espresso or dirty martini towers for a chic twist or custom glassware for each guest, adding a personal touch to this bubbly tradition.

12. Eco-luxe entertainment and decor

Eco-consciousness is reshaping the wedding industry in 2024. Sustainable practices are top of mind for entertainment and decor. Confetti, once a staple, is getting an eco-friendly transformation. Couples are opting for soap bubbles instead, which leave no trace, as a fun and earth-friendly alternative (just make sure the liquid isn’t stored in a plastic container).

Decor and design focus on elegance and simplicity using nature or floral illustrations, earthy color combinations and reusable materials like dried flowers or vintage items.

Wedding Trends: wedding invitation that leans into nature using flower design

Ready for the best wedding trends of 2024?

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