10 free fonts for the holidays

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The holiday season is here again! In the spirit of giving, here are 10 free fonts to bring out the holiday feel in your corporate greetings messages, flyers, packaging and cards.

1. The Goldsmith Vintage

Free holiday font: The Goldsmith Vintage

The Goldsmith Vintage has an old time feel that could work well in throw back holiday designs.

2. Dosmilcatorce

Free holiday font: Dosmilcatorce

A font that might fit into the more corporate side of the holidays is Dosmilcatorce.

3. Abys

Free holiday font: Abys

Abys does a nice job handling the more hip side of the holiday season.

4. Intaglio Plains

Free holiday font: Intaglio Plains

In a more “handmade” design, Intaglio Plains might just do the trick!

5. Lumberjack

Free holiday font: Lumberjack

For more rugged clients or companies, Lumberjack can help bring in just a little holiday feel.

6. Xxdcore

Free holiday font: Xxdcore

Xxdcore can be stylistically interpreted in many ways, here it might speak to a tree!

7. Artistico

Free holiday font: Artistico

Those in colder regions know what else comes with the season—snow! Artistico is perfect for the frigid designer.

8. Christmas Jumper

Free holiday font: Christmas Jumper

Ugly sweaters are a staple of the holiday season. Why not have a “Christmas Jumper” font to go with!

9. Goodvibes

Free holiday font: Goodvibes

Goodvibes is a perfectly acceptable handwritten font for cards or otherwise.

10. Zfraktur Eye Fs

Free holiday font: Zfraktur Eye Fs

Zfraktur Eye Fs is another open ended font with perhaps hints to the religious sides of the season.


Enjoy these free fonts but take care in licensing. Some fonts require donation for commercial use! If you prefer classic fonts, take a look at these 12 easy-to-read fonts!

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