Graphic design trends for 2024: an infographic

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What’s in store for graphic design in 2024? We asked experts from VistaPrint and members of the design community from 99designs by Vista to weigh in, and their predictions point to a year that’s going to be a wild mix of bold ideas and breakthroughs.

Some of the most notable graphic design trends of 2024 are 3D hyper-surrealism, where hyper-realistic details meet surreal 3D effects, creating a mesmerizing reinvention of reality; cluttercore, which is all about embracing the bold and busy—think graphics packed with thick strokes and vibrant colors; and freehand revival, where the beauty of hand-drawn lines celebrates all things imperfect and incomplete. 

But that’s not it yet.

Scroll down to our infographic for the full scoop on the graphic design trends that are going to rock 2024. These are the design trends that will inspire your projects and brand design in 2024 and beyond.

Graphic design trends for 2024: an infographic by VistaPrint

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