Design Tips

When it comes to your small business, design matters – great design will help your brand stand out on everything from sweatshirts to signage. Whether you’re choosing a business card template or trying to find the perfect font, consider us your partners in small business design. Here, you’ll find design tips and inspiration for marketing materials, as well as advice for working with professional designers.  

vistaprint guide to sign design

Ultimate guide to signage design: How to design a sign

The world is saturated with visual stimuli.  Whether it’s the vibrant colors of a cold fall afternoon, a brightly designed […]

What is a brochure? The essential guide to the power of the fold

There’s a quiet power to brochures. Whether you’ve picked up a sleek, minimalist product brochure from your local store, casually flipped […]

Font trends 2024

7 alluring font trends for 2024

It’s a unique, transitional moment in the digital art world. And the 2024 font design trends reflect this. With so […]

Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Peach Fuzz

Peach Fuzz, the Pantone Color of the Year 2024: Everything you need to know

The Pantone Color Institute still knows how to keep the stylish crowd—from designers to fashionistas, marketers to artists—eagerly waiting and […]

collage of the 2024 color trends

9 powerful color trends for 2024

If you’ve ever worn pink to lift your spirits or black to feel confident, you know how colors can influence […]

How to make a brochure in 7 simple steps

Brochures are a perfect choice to communicate in a concise way what your business is all about. Whether you’re looking […]

9 best packaging design trends for 2024

Packaging design trends for 2024: an infographic

Packaging design is transforming and evolving like never before. It’s a mix of fresh, bold ideas coming to life, classic […]

Graphic design trends for 2024: an infographic

What’s in store for graphic design in 2024? We asked experts from VistaPrint and members of the design community from […]

8 expressive logo design trends for 2024

Though tech experts and digitally savvy creatives have long heralded a future powered by artificial intelligence, the past year was […]

9 best packaging design trends for 2024

9 best packaging design trends for 2024

As we step into 2024, fresh packaging design trends are emerging, offering new ways for businesses of all sizes to […]

10 inspiring graphic design trends for 2024

Much like the impact of photography on the art world in the 19th century, we find ourselves in the midst […]

Collage of multiple images featuring different font types on T-shirts

Best fonts for T-shirts

Introduction  When it comes to designing a captivating T-shirt for your brand, choosing the right fonts plays a pivotal role. […]

6 steps to create a family photo gallery wall

6 steps to create a family photo gallery wall

Whether you have one child or many, you’re undoubtedly proud of them and their growth over the years. Why not […]

Types of postcards on a table

Postcard size guide

When it comes to marketing, there are lots of items you could add to your tool kit – business cards, […]

A variety of custom wedding stationery

How to choose wedding invitation size and design elements

The wedding planning process is full of decisions — and, naturally, some are bigger than others. For example, choosing a […]

Wedding stationery on the table

Designing stationery as a cherished wedding keepsake

The flowers. The lighting. The bride’s dress. All of these elements help define the special day, but there’s one detail […]

Business owner uses minimalist packaging

Simplicity is key: 4 minimalist packaging design tips

Consumers are increasingly favoring minimalist packaging and design in the products they buy. Why is this? For one, they are […]

Custom T shirt design trends

Top trends and tips for designing the perfect custom T-shirt in 2023

Custom t-shirts and other types of personalized apparel have become increasingly popular among businesses and consumers over the years. Whether […]

How to use AI for small business design

AI for small business owners is a thing — and a rather compelling one, at that. Using artificial intelligence, or […]

Restaurant menu designs: 4 tips for making a successful menu

The best restaurant menu designs do more than simply list dishes and prices. The most dynamic restaurant menus, in fact, […]

A business card in a creative design studio

Turn your business card into a brand storytelling tool

How do you want to tell your brand’s story? In today’s competitive marketplace, brand storytelling plays an important role in […]

Why a strong retail logo is crucial for your new store brand

Building a successful retail business is truly exciting. But it also involves a lot of work when you’re first starting […]

Breaking down barriers: An introduction to accessible signage

When establishing your small business as a welcoming operation, it’s important to recognize how accessible signage plays a key role. […]

7 modern business card designs to spark your creativity

There’s nothing quite like giving someone a memorable way to remember you and your business. That’s why choosing unique, on-trend […]