Best gifts for dad: Custom Father’s Day gift ideas for 2024

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As Father’s Day approaches, you might be racking your brain for gift ideas for Dad. Certain gifts, like ties and grilling tools, are popular gift ideas for Dad. Those can be great ideas, but the best gifts for dads are unique and customized gifts like personalized card sets or engraved glasses.

If you need inspiration for what to buy your dad this year, try our interactive quiz below. It will help you narrow down your options and find the perfect gift, whether your dad is a foodie, sports fan, adventure seeker or all-around great guy who deserves to be celebrated.

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Need more ideas? Read through our suggestions in the article below, and you’ll find something your dad will love. Or if you’re shopping for a Grandpa, uncle, husband or another man in your life, you’ll find something for him here, too!

Best gift ideas for dad

What is a good Father’s Day gift?

You’re undoubtedly aware of the standard Father’s Day gifts, like socks and scarves. And if these are the kinds of gifts your father would appreciate, then absolutely give them!

The best Father’s Day gifts show him you care, which usually means something more personal. So, as you explore gift ideas, think about what your dad would like to receive, rather than the things fathers generally receive. Consider customizing your Father’s Day gifts to add a more personal touch.

Custom gifts for dads

One way to guarantee a truly memorable and special gift that your dad will treasure for years to come is to get creative and personalize your gifted item. Be sentimental and include a heartfelt message, or be silly and include an inside joke or goofy photo.

Photo books

Gift your dad a collection of all his favorite memories in a photo book. Celebrate your best shared moments throughout the years with a professional hardcover photo album. With square, portrait and landscape options, you’ll have 24-120 pages to show your dad how much you cherish him.

Photobook gift idea for dad

Source: lasting memories in a personalized photo book via VistaPrint

Wall art

Wall art is another awesome way to commemorate your favorite Dad moments. You can choose from various options, from a classic canvas print to a funky set of photo tiles that turn a wall into a gallery. 

While canvas and framed prints are great for a tidy, traditional look, prints on other materials can add an edge to your gift. Consider the modern look of a metal print or the rustic vibe you get with a wood print.

Wall art gift idea for dad

Source: printed and framed photos to decorate walls via VistaPrint


When it comes to personalized gift options, custom drinkware is a safe bet for lots of dads. If your dad’s a beer drinker, there are custom pint glasses, custom koozies, or even etched can glasses customized to suit his personality. If he’s a wine guy, he’ll probably appreciate a custom stemless wine glass. Personalize them with his initials or a motto that he lives by. 

Customized pint glass gift idea for dad

Source: get an etched pint glass for your dad via VistaPrint


If your dad is more of a hot drink guy and lives for his morning cup of coffee, you can’t go wrong with a custom mug. Customize it with his name, a fun message or a photo of your loveable mug printed on his mug.

Custom mug as a gift idea for dad

Source: a custom mug for the best dad ever via VistaPrint

Blankets and pillows

Custom blankets, cotton throws and picnic options are great gift ideas for dads. You can personalize a fleece blanket with a collection of photos of you two together for a gift your dad will treasure forever. You can also add to the coziness even further with a custom pillow.

Custom pillow gift idea for dad

Source: turn favorite moments into a soft, cozy pillow via VistaPrint

Personalized T-shirt

T-shirts are great for everyday use, so give your dad a custom T-shirt with a fun personal message printed on that he’ll be proud to rock anywhere he goes.

Custom T-shirt gift idea for dad

Source: a personalized T-shirt for all those great memories via VistaPrint

Gift ideas for foodie dads

If your father’s a foodie, he’s sure to love a gift that caters to his excellent taste. Choose a gift that lets him be the head chef, the pit boss or simply the guest of honor, ready to dig into a tasty meal. 

An apron

A cook’s apron can tell you a lot about them. For the perfect Father’s Day gift, get a custom apron that captures your dad’s unique personality and cooking style. Choose between a grill master apron kit or a simple two pocket apron, and embroider it with something funny or meaningful.

Apron gift idea for dad

Source: custom apron for a dad who loves to cook via VistaPrint

Cooking classes

Maybe the best gift for your foodie dad is the opportunity to learn new recipes or techniques in the kitchen. If that’s the case, book him a cooking or butchery class. You could even book a place for yourself so you can experience it together. 

Personalized cutting board

Spice up your dad’s kitchen kit with a customized glass cutting board. Get his favorite recipe, cooking mantra, or even artwork of his favorite dish printed onto this kitchen essential to inspire him whenever he’s cooking up a storm!

BBQ and grill tools

There’s just something about dads and grilling. If your dad is the family grillmaster, celebrate him with BBQ gear he’ll love, like custom tools or a new charcoal grill.

Cooking set gift idea for dad

Source: BBQ and grill tool set is a great gift idea for Dad via VistaPrint

Gift ideas for sporty dads

If your dad is your MVP, you might consider a sporty gift this Father’s Day. From personalized jerseys to gym bags and equipment, show your dad you’re his number one fan by gifting him one of the following:

Gym bag

Gifting your dad a custom gym bag this Father’s Day will help him to hit the gym in style. And if your dad isn’t always so great about keeping up his workout routine, personalize it with a motivational message to give him that little nudge he needs—this gift could be just the thing to motivate him. 

Gym bag gift ideas for dad

Source: custom gym bag for those sporty Dads via VistaPrint

Soccer shirt

And if your dad’s a soccer fan or enjoys a kick around with his friends, give him a custom soccer jersey so he feels like a team captain! Choose from a variety of colors and add his name or nickname for a custom touch.

Golf accessories

It’s no secret that many dads love golf—if your dad is one of them, make his day with personalized golf accessories. There are a lot of different customizable options available, like a case of golf balls, biodegradable golf tees, an all-purpose golf tool or even a whole golf kit. 

Gifts for adventurous dads

Whether your dad’s adventurous spirit means high-octane adventures, travels across the globe or overnight stays in the wilderness, you’ll find the perfect gift idea for dad here.

Customized luggage

Give your dad the gift of traveling in style with personalized luggage embroidered with a personal design. He’ll never lose his luggage again!

Personalized travel accessories

Upgrade your gift by adding essential travel accessories like a hip pack, tech pouch, travel bag, portable amenity case or luggage tag.

Luggage tag gift idea for adventurous dad
Luggage tag gift idea for adventurous dad

Source: custom luggage tags for those adventurous Dads who love to travel via VistaPrint

GoPro/portable video camera

Thrill-seeking dads can record all their adventures in high definition with a GoPro or portable video camera. Yours might even go on to start streaming or vlogging his adventures! 

Personalized camping hammock

A portable hammock is a travel essential that makes it possible to sleep just about anywhere. Give your dad a comfy way to enjoy the great outdoors with a customized camping hammock. Personalize it with a meaningful message so he’s reminded of home wherever he is in the world, even if it’s in the backyard.

Unique gift ideas for dads who have everything

What do you get for the dad who has everything? Check out these unique gift ideas for inspiration. 

Personalized puzzle

Get a favorite photo of you and your dad printed into a 48,500 or 1,000 piece for a puzzle as a fun gift that he’ll remember forever. You’ll be able to get the custom puzzle out on Father’s Day, birthdays and holidays year after year, making new memories and traditions.

Puzzle gift idea for dad

Source: create a puzzle of a great memory with your Dad via VistaPrint

Custom gambling set

If your dad’s feeling lucky, gift him with this gambling gift box. Make these special items more personal by engraving or printing them with your dad’s initials or name—he’ll be showing it off at games night for years to come.

Gardening tools

Give your dad a personalized tool set he can use season after season in the garden. Whether he grows flowers, vegetables or herbs, digging and planting with a set of tools made just for him will make the garden feel more vibrant than ever.

Gardening tools as gift idea for dad

Source: custom gardening tools set for those Dads who love the outdoors via VistaPrint

Personalized candle

Make your dad’s house smell delicious with a personalized scented candle. Choose between various colors and herbal scents to accompany your meaningful custom picture or message.

Spa day

Even dads like to get pampered sometimes! If your dad is the kind of guy who’d appreciate a relaxing day of massage, facials, scrubs and de-stressing, book him a treatment or a day pass at a local spa.

Thoughtful, low-cost gift ideas

You don’t need to spend much money to show you care. Some of the most memorable gifts are experiences where you make memories together. If you’re looking for a low-cost gift, try the following:

Local sporting event

If your dad is a sports fan, score some tickets to a local game. Whether it’s a minor league game, a college game, or you can snag some pro sports tickets without breaking the bank, make memories cheering on his favorite team!

Watching sports events at a bar

Source: enjoy watching a game together via DepositPhotos

Genealogy research

Activities that get in touch with your roots can bring you and your dad closer together. There are many ways to get started through online and offline services—your local library might even offer free access to programs like 

Visiting important places from local/family history

If your dad’s a history guy or interested in genealogy, an outing to a local historical site can be the perfect gift. Don’t limit yourself to “official” historical sites, either—research and find local sites that tie into your family’s history.

Show your dad you care with a personalized gift

Celebrate your dad with these custom gift ideas, from personalized photo gifts to unique and thoughtful ideas, that he’ll cherish forever. Whether your dad is sporty, adventurous or a foodie, getting him the perfect gift will show how much you care! And if you’re looking for further inspiration, feel free to check our guide on gift ideas for your loved ones.