Promotional gift idea: customized glassware

Unique promotional gift ideas for your one-of-a-kind business

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Promotional gifts are items given to customers, employees or collaborators as a reward. They can be for any achievement: celebrating ongoing loyalty, hitting a specified sales quota, recognizing an outstanding innovation or even as part of an onboarding package. 

These gifts are valuable because they enhance the connection between the giver and the receiver. Their purpose isn’t a quantifiable financial gain, but an investment in a relationship that will grow its value for years to come. When an individual receives a promotional gift, they feel recognized and often, that gift becomes a memorable keepsake of their relationship with the giver. 

That’s why your promotional gifts need to be valuable. Keep in mind that “valuable” doesn’t necessarily mean expensive; promotional gifts should be items that make a lasting impression on their receivers and solidify their positive perception of your brand.

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What is a promotional gift? 

Promotional gifts are not the same as giveaways. They tend to be produced in smaller quantities and are typically of higher quality than the promotional items that brands produce for trade shows and corporate events. They may also be personalized for the recipient.

See how it’s meaningful, created to commemorate a milestone event? Whereas you might find non-personalized, simpler promotional products in a swag bag or with an e-commerce order, promotional gifts are higher-value items given to specific individuals to mark milestones or show appreciation.

Swag and merchandise for sale have their place in a brand’s marketing portfolio, but they’re not interchangeable with promotional gifts. As you explore ideas for promotional gifts, think about how they can express appreciation, who they’re for and why you plan on gifting them.

Promotional gifts are often given to: 

  • VIP clients
  • Notable team members
  • Employees
  • Contest winners
  • Business collaborators

Gifts tend to be personal. Think about the kinds of gifts you give to loved ones, like a piece of jewelry to celebrate an anniversary or a leather-bound planner for a graduation gift. Promotional gifts can carry similar weight. 

Promotional gift idea: rosewood wine set

Source: Rosewood wine set via VistaPrint

Although drinkware and apparel are popular promotional gifts, you can also offer something more customized to your brand. For example, if you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary of your gym, you might offer personalized fitness towels or duffle bags to loyal, long-standing members. As with all promotional gifts, the key here is that they’re constructed with quality materials so the recipient continues to use them for a long time.

Promotional gift ideas

Take a look at VistaPrint products for lots of custom promotional gift ideas! To get the ball rolling, here are some popular promotional gift categories:


Drinkware comes in a variety of styles, shapes, price points and personalization options. If your brand is more about life on the go, remote working or productivity, a reusable coffee cup might be the best choice. Insulated custom tumblers are a fun and practical choice, keeping hot drinks hot and cold drinks cold.

Glassware sets

set of engraved stemless glasses

Source: Etched stemless glasses via VistaPrint

Glassware sets are a classy way to commemorate an important milestone or appreciate a VIP, especially if they feature an etched logo or the year your business was founded.

For others, customized pint glasses are the perfect promotional gift. This set of two-pint classes comes in a gift box, creating a fun unboxing experience. 

Camp mugs

Promotional gift idea: customizable stainless steel tumbler

Source: Customizable stainless steel tumbler via VistaPrint

These insulated camp mugs come with tight-fitting lids to prevent spills and keep the contents hot, perfect for outdoor brands or businesses whose customers enjoy getting out in nature.


Apparel is very popular for promotional gifts for a few reasons: it’s personal, functional and sometimes stylish. Choose apparel that fits your brand, like board shorts for a surf shop or custom socks for businesses with younger audiences.

Soccer jersey

Promotional gifts: Men’s soccer jersey

Source: Soccer jersey design via VistaPrint

Soccer jerseys are great promotional gifts for sports brands, fitness clubs and even sports-adjacent businesses like bars that screen games or breweries that sponsor the local team.


Ask any leggings-wearer, and they’ll tell you it’s impossible to have too many pairs. As promotional gifts go, branded leggings are a hit with lifestyle or wellness brands whose main clientele are gym-goers, yoga fanatics or busy moms.

Light down jacket

Promotional gift: navy down jacket with logo
Promotional gift: grey down jacket with logo

Source: Light down jacket with branded logo via VistaPrint

Protect your VIPs and valued employees from the cold with a down jacket. Although the price point on this item is a bit higher than most promotional gifts, they’re a great choice for site visits in cold locations and outdoor brands.

Wall art

Wall art is the ideal choice for any recipient with a physical space like an office. It also makes a great promotional gift to commemorate an event like a merger or promotion. 

Photo tiles

Promotional gift idea: photo tiles mockup

Source: Custom photo tiles via VistaPrint

Photo tiles, which allow you to feature four images, can be a visually intriguing wall art choice for your recipient’s wall. This option is a relatively affordable one that can add an element of uniqueness and personality to any space.

Wood prints

Promotional gift idea: customized wood print

Source: Custom wooden print via VistaPrint

Wood prints are an intriguing alternative to more traditional formats because the wood gives the image a unique look and texture. Consider gifting a wood print to commemorate the opening of a new location or a milestone event in the receiver’s life, like their retirement.


Bags are a popular choice for promotional gifts because they’re functional and everyday items. The key is choosing a bag type that best aligns with the receiver’s needs, like a backpack built for laptops or an insulated lunch bag for students. 

Collapsible folding wagon

Promotional gift idea: customizable blue folding wagon

Source: Collapsible folding wagon via VistaPrint

If your clients or partners have a lot of stuff to haul around, like sports gear, tools or beach toys, a collapsible folding wagon can be the perfect promotional gift. Wagons are useful branded items for companies whose employees are on the move, promoting your brand wherever they go.

Laptop backpack

Promotional gift idea: Laptop backpack
Promotional gift idea: Laptop backpack

Source: Laptop backpack via VistaPrint

Customizable laptop bags tend to have multiple pockets and tech-shaped compartments—an ideal gift for employees. You can also order backpacks that are checkpoint-friendly, allowing them to sit flat on airport X-ray conveyor belts for teams and clients that travel frequently.

Totally unique ideas

Sometimes, the best promotional gifts are outside of the traditional and expected realm. You know your customers and employees best, so if the right gift for them is something unique, go for it! Gifting a unique item is one way to ensure it’s remembered.

Sunflower kit

Promotional gift idea: branded sunflower kit

Source: Branded sunflower kit via VistaPrint

Bring sunshine into your loyal customers’ lives with a grow-your-own sunflower kit! These kits are great for meaningful brands whose audiences appreciate a slower pace of life and embrace wellness.

Wearable blanket

Unique promotional gift idea: black branded wearable blanket

Source: Branded wearable blanket via VistaPrint

A wearable blanket is a fitting promotional gift for loyal customers, partners or employees, especially those who enjoy cold water swimming or other cold-weather activities in the elements.

Pizza grill set

Unique promotional gift idea: pizza stone and spatula set

Source: Branded pizza grill set via VistaPrint

Say you need the perfect gift to celebrate a longtime employee’s retirement. Or you’re organizing a food event and need a memorable gift for the event’s sponsors. A personalized pizza grill set is sure to create memories.

What to look out for when choosing a promotional gift

As you explore ideas for promotional gifts, prioritize the following qualities:

  • Value. The gift should provide value to the recipient, which can be measured through its worth or the experiences it provides. 
  • Usefulness. The best promotional gifts should be useful in some way. Think about how the gift will fit into the recipient’s daily routine—it should make that routine easier, faster or more enjoyable. 
  • Quality. Promotional gifts should be of higher quality than giveaway items, providing long-lasting value.
  • Thoughtfulness. Years from now, the person who receives your promotional gift will still think of your brand every time they use it. Think about how you can make the gift thoughtful and personal to your brand and the recipient.

Think outside the box as you brainstorm ideas for promotional gifts. VistaPrint offers a wide variety of unique, valuable options like pillows, wearable blankets and coolers.

Looking for great ideas for promotional gifts? 

Design something that will be cherished for years to come, whether that’s a beautiful piece of art, a set of glasses for special occasions or something else that perfectly fits your VIP’s niche.